Is Sullust in the Star Wars movies?

Is Sullust in the Star Wars movies?

Behind the scenes Star Wars Battlefront team member on Iceland, which served as a template for Sullust Sullust first appeared in the Nintendo 64 game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, but its first canonical appearance was in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Does Battlefront 2 have Mustafar?

Mustafar was on the Battlefront 2 PS2 and Xbox game and it was a thrilling arena, with the lava making it extra-difficult to navigate around.

Does Battlefront 2 have Bespin?

Bespin is a gas planet in DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II that is set during the Galactic Civil War. In Battlefront II, Bespin is visited in the campaign mission “Under Covered Skies” and can be in the multiplayer modes Blast and Heroes vs. Villains on the map Administrator’s Palace.

Is there a Ventress in Battlefront 2?

Asajj Ventress is a Villain available to download in Star Wars: Battlefront II on the Original Xbox. In Star Wars Battlefront II, she is only available through the Xbox Live patch.

Where is Takodana?

Takodana was a remote, neutral planet located in the Mid Rim, though it fell in the southwestern region of the galaxy known as the Western Reaches.

Who lives on Bespin?

Star Wars (1977) 56 indicates that Bespin is the home planet of the Ugnaughts, and shows the planet as having a habitable surface — a phenomenon that is impossible on a gas giant.

Will Ahsoka ever be in Battlefront 2?

As it turns out, Ahsoka Tano was almost a playable hero in Star Wars Battlefront 2 according to game director Dennis Brannvall. However, this never made it to release, and the game’s Battle Of Scarif content was ultimately the final update for Star Wars Battlefront II.

Is Chewbacca the only Wookiee left?

Chewbacca is just the only main wookie in the series. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any more, just that they aren’t relevant to the story being told.

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