What happened in Act 2 Scene 8 Merchant of Venice?

What happened in Act 2 Scene 8 Merchant of Venice?

Salarino and Solanio are discussing the scene, when Shylock realizes that Lorenzo and Jessica had ran off together. Shylock appeals to the Duke to search Bassanio’s ship, but they are too late, for Bassanio has already sailed. Antonio leads them off the path, saying that he saw them on a gondola.

What is Salarino telling Salanio Act 2 Scene 8?

SALANIO : Let good Antonio be careful about making his payment on time, or he shall pay for this. SALARINO : Damn it, thanks for reminding me. I saw Bassanio and Antonio say goodbye: Bassanio told him he would hurry back.

Who came too late in Act 2 Scene 8?

The villain Jew with outcries raised the Duke, 5 Who went with him to search Bassanio’s ship. He came too late; the ship was under sail.

What is the dramatic purpose of the conversation between salerio and solanio in Scene VIII?

What is the dramatic purpose of the conversation between Salerio and Solanio viii? To fill the audience in on what is happening with Bassanio and Antonio.

What news do Solanio and Salarino bring?

Salarino and Solanio are gossiping about the latest news: Bassanio’s ship has sailed with Gratiano but not Lorenzo. Shylock found his daughter had disappeared and raised the Duke of Venice from his sleep to find her.

What does the Frenchman tell Salarino?

The frenchman told Salarino that a ship of city Venice loaded with rich cargo has been found wrecked in the narrow sea channel that separates the English and French..

Who are Salanio and Salarino?

A Venetian gentleman, and friend to Antonio, Bassanio, and Lorenzo. Salarino escorts the newlyweds Jessica and Lorenzo to Belmont, and returns with Bassanio and Gratiano for Antonio’s trial. He is often almost indistinguishable from his companion Solanio.

Why do the boys in Venice follow him?

Justice, I must find the girl! She has the jewels with her, and the ducats.” Why, all the boys in Venice follow him,Crying, “His stones, his daughter, and his ducats!” All the boys in Venice were following him, crying out, “His jewels, his daughter, and his ducats!”

Who are Jessica and Lorenzo?

In the 14th story of Il Novellino we have most of the elements of the Jessica–Lorenzo plot: a daughter guarded by a rich but miserly father; the lovers eloping with her father’s gold and jewels; the father’s despair, in equal measures, for the loss of both daughter and treasure; and the lovers’ eventual marriage and …

What is the purpose of the conversation between Salerio and Solanio apply a literary device and or element?

What is the purpose of the conversation between Salerio and Solanio? Salarino advised Solanio to not rush and concentrate on your feelings of love.

What purpose do Solanio and Salarino serve?

The words of Salerio and Solanio fulfill two vital purposes. This passage demonstrates the dramatic function of the two merchants quite well. Salerio’s words inform the audience of a rumored shipwreck and thus prepare us for the news of the total loss of Antonio’s investments.

What does Shylock’s wife Leah give him before their marriage?

For Jessica to give it away for a monkey is a stab in Shylock’s heart since he received it from Leah. For Shylock it was a precious memeory that she has given away. Are the rings related? In the fact they they are the symbols of love and marriage, the simple answer is yes they are.

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