What is a Comcast eMTA?

What is a Comcast eMTA?

To use Xfinity Voice, you’ll need a compatible embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter (eMTA).

What is eMTA on modem?

Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter, a combination cable modem and telephone adapter.

What is the difference between cable modem and eMTA?

The term eMTA means: (e)embedded (M) Multi Media (T) Terminal (A) Adapter. It is a modem with telephone capability. It’s just a regular cable modem. If you have just internet then this will work.

What modems are compatible with Xfinity Voice?

Best Comcast XFINITY Approved Modems

  • Motorola MB8600 Cable Modem.
  • NETGEAR CM500 Cable Modem.
  • ARRIS SVG2482AC.

Does Xfinity Voice require a special modem?

Wireless Gateway Unlike traditional home phones, Xfinity Voice operates over an Internet connection to give you amazing call clarity and other great features. That means it requires a voice modem to work.

What is embedded multimedia terminal adapter?

Definition. An embedded multimedia terminal adapter (E-MTA) is a cable modem and a VoIP adapter bundled into a single device.

How does an EMTA work?

Officially an “embedded-multimedia terminal adapter” (E-MTA), the modem converts the cable company signals to packets and vice versa, and the terminal adapter converts the packets to analog voice and vice versa. The adapter also delivers dial tone and manages the call setup.

What is Wave EMTA?

If you need phone service from Wave, they do require a Wave eMTA (cable modem and telephone adapter). You can still use your own modem with the Wave eMTA. Fiber-to-the-home customers must use a Wave internet device (ONT).

Is Comcast Voice VoIP?

VoIP and Xfinity Xfinity Voice service uses VoIP technology to provide you a number of enhanced new features without sacrificing any of your current phone features or the call clarity you expect.

What is EMTA event log?

The EMTA event log contains information about the activity of the EMTA (Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter). This list is mostly used for debugging purposes. To view the EMTA event log of your cable telephony modem: Enter the modem user name and password. Note: The user name is admin.

Do I need a special phone for digital voice?

With Digital Voice, it’s best to use Essential or Advanced Digital Home Phones, which have been specially designed to use with the service. Digital Voice: Will my service work in a power cut? Your Hub needs power to make calls with Digital Voice. If your area has power cuts, you can buy a battery back-up unit (BBU).

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