What is object must implement IConvertible?

What is object must implement IConvertible?

2 Answers. The IConvertible interface is designed to allow a class to safely convert itself to another Type. The Convert. ChangeType call uses that interface to safely convert one type to another.

What is IConvertible interface in C#?

public struct TableAddress : IConvertible { /*….*/ #region IConvertible Implementation static T ThrowNotSupported() { var ex = ThrowNotSupported(typeof(T)); return (T)ex; } static object ThrowNotSupported(Type type) { throw new InvalidCastException($”Converting type \”{typeof(TableAddress)}\” to type \”{type}\” is …

What is System IConvertible?

This interface provides methods to convert the value of an instance of an implementing type to a common language runtime type that has an equivalent value. The common language runtime typically exposes the IConvertible interface through the Convert class.

Which interface should you implement in order to allow instance of your class to be converted to an instance of another type?

If you implement the IConvertible interface, your implementation will be called automatically by the ChangeType(Object, Type) method if the Object parameter is an instance of your implementing type and the Type parameter is a common language runtime type.

Is it necessary to implement all methods of an Interface in C#?

Yes, it is mandatory to implement all the methods in a class that implements an interface until and unless that class is declared as an abstract class.

Can I implement multiple interfaces in C#?

C# allows the implementation of multiple interfaces with the same method name.

Is it necessary to implement all methods of an abstract class in C#?

So whenever you inherit an interface, you must implement all its methods, which is not required for an Abstract Class.

In which case we can implement only required methods of an interface?

8 Answers. If you don’t implement all the methods of the interface , your class must be abstract , in which case you can’t create an instance of it. In Java 8, if your interface contains default implementations for some methods, you don’t have to implement them in classes that implement the interface.

Can we implement two interfaces?

Yes, a class can implement multiple interfaces. Each interface provides contract for some sort of behavior.

CAN 2 interface have same method?

If two interfaces contain a method with the same signature but different return types, then it is impossible to implement both the interface simultaneously. 2) methods with same signature is not allowed in this case.

Is it necessary to implement all methods of abstract class?

Yes, you must implement all abstract methods.

Is it mandatory to have abstract method in abstract class in C#?

An abstract class may or may not have abstract methods. But if a class contains an abstract method then it must be declared as abstract. An abstract class cannot be instantiated directly. It’s compulsory to create/derive a subclass from the abstract class in order to provide the functionality to its abstract functions.

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