5 SEO Techniques that Won’t Offer you Any Substantial Gains

5 SEO Techniques that Won’t Offer you Any Substantial Gains

There are many ways in which you can get a website on top of Google rankings. There are many on-page and off-page methods and also paid and organic ones. One of the best natural ways to get your site listed on top of Google searches is SEO. But several SEO tactics and techniques that are used to help you rank on top of search engine ranking pages can get you penalized today as they are considered to be black-hat.

Generating traffic and leads is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketers and using good SEO tactics can be a headache for companies. Digital marketers can get over both these challenges by ranking higher on search engines. Unfortunately, it is not easy anymore due to algorithm changes ever so often now by Google so you need to be on your toes now for making sure your company can get a top ranking. That is how much SEO has evolved in the last decade.

If you want to achieve success in the Canadian market and more importantly in the largest city of Toronto, you should be clear about what works and what does not. Here are five old SEO techniques that are of no apparent use and instead can damage your website’s ranking and reputation. You can opt for an SEO company Toronto here for best results in this concern.

1. Loading Content with Keywords

Stuffing their content with keywords was a norm for many websites, but this only doesn’t work now. Keyword stuffing becomes irrelevant today as it can do more harm than good. Google and other search engines will mark your website spam and push your site down its search rankings. It is better to be as natural as possible when it comes to placing keywords in your content. You need to be wary of your techniques here for a fruitful result.

2. Building Too Many Low-Quality Backlinks

Nowadays you should focus more on quality instead of quantity as mere backlinks with low quality doesn’t make sense. If you close analyze search results for any keywords, you will come across websites that have fewer high-quality backlinks ranked higher than sites that have more low-quality backlinks. Best SEO agencies know this very well which is why they always focus on quality instead of quantity of backlinks.

3. Duplicate or Plagiarized Content

Today’s search engines are smart and analyze even the user search intents when showing results. That’s why you can never get away with duplicating content. Unique, relevant, helpful content is what makes your website rank higher on search engines today. Ask yourself if content delivers value to your users or not. If yes, you are on the right track, but if your answer is no, you should rethink your content strategy to avoid negative results.

4. Too Many Pages for any Website

Another tactic SEO professionals had used in the past is to create many pages. They seem to believe that the more pages your website has and get indexed by search engines, the better it will be for your search engine rankings. As search engines become more intelligent, it is not easy to fool them by making more pages, so this tactic is no longer relevant anymore. Just creating too many pages will not cut it anymore until it delivers value to the users. Instead of creating hundreds of pages, you are better of fewer pages that have valuable content on them. You can use canonical URLs or page directives for pages that are useful.

5. Internal links should be Simple

Use internal links carefully in the content to direct users to other pages of your website. Using the same keyword repeatedly just because you want to rank for that keyword is also a big no-no. Try to use different variations of keywords for best results. No matter how good the content on your website or blog might be but if it is over optimizing a certain keyword, it will not help your cause to rank higher on search engines.

Final Word

SEO is not a magic wand that you can use to make money online. Instead, it is a technique that you need to use wisely for best results. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us for this blog or as a question you have in mind in the comments section below.

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