Are Blackhawk holsters any good?

Are Blackhawk holsters any good?

BLACKHAWK! is a well known brand used by security companies, police, and military forces around the world for a reason. These holsters are good, made of a lightweight polymer, and function like they say they do. The company isn’t known for putting out poor products.

What is Blackhawk Serpa?

The Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster delivers unparalleled handgun security and a smooth draw in a compact, concealable package. The patented SERPA Auto-Lock offers Level 2 retention, and releases by simply dragging the index finger along the release in the draw cycle.

Why is Serpa bad?

Blackhawk Serpa holsters substantially increase the risk of inadvertently firing a pistol while drawing it from the holster due to the Serpa’s index finger released locking mechanism. Drawing a pistol from a Serpa requires depressing the Serpa’s locking mechanism and simultaneously drawing the pistol.

What is a Level III holster?

Level Three retention holster: a Level Three holster has an additional retention device installed. A common design is thumb break or loop in addition to a trigger guard lock. No gun will come out of a Level 4 holster except if the wearer means it.

What happened to Blackhawk tactical?

Bought by ATK. The headline says it all. In the “Industry Intel” category today, Kit Up learned yesterday that our good friends at one of the nation’s leading tactical gear design and manufacturing firms, Blackhawk!, has been sold to ammo maker ATK.

What holsters are available for the Glock 19?

Our Blackhawk Glock holster assortment includes Blackhawk holsters for Glock 19, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23 all the way through Glock 39. With tens of thousands of holsters to select from, finding the best one isn’t always easy – should you need any help finding the best Glock holster for you, call us today!

Where is the best place to buy Blackhawk Glock holsters?

With terrific selection and service, low prices and Complimentary Shipping on orders over $49, it’s clear to see why OpticsPlanet is the best place to buy Blackhawk Glock holsters!

Why do people buy paddle holsters?

From a retention standpoint, it’s spectacular…..but folks buy a paddle holster specifically so that they can grab the holstered gun and tuck it into and over the belt quick and easy. Also, taking off requires either completely undoing belt and pants.

What is the Serpa Sportster holster?

The SERPA Sportster holster has the SERPA Auto Lock release as well as passive retention detent adjustment screw. It is a gunmetal gray holster body with black locking mechanism and includes paddle platform only. It has a speed-cut design for rapid draw, target acquisition and re-holster.

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