Are Continental tyres as good as Michelin?

Are Continental tyres as good as Michelin?

From our testing, if you ignore wear, the Continental is objectively the better overall tyre, it is stronger under traction and braking, offers similar cornering grip and is more comfortable than the Michelin. The margin is incredibly slim, but real.

Which is best Continental or Michelin?

The Michelin performed well in most weather tests, offers a comfortable, quiet ride and has low rolling resistance. The Continental was impressive in the wet-braking test and has a good balance of all-weather performance and tread life.

Which TYRE is the best quality?

Top 5 Tyre Manufacturers

  • Michelin. Michelin has been one of the world leading tyre manufacturers for more than 125 years.
  • Goodyear. With over 100 years in the field, Goodyear have developed their technology to offer a prestigious product.
  • Pirelli.
  • Continental.
  • Bridgestone.

Are Continental Tyres any good?

The German brand Continental has an excellent reputation across Europe having also made great quality tyres under other brand names such as Viking, Uniroyal and Barum. Like the rest of the top five tyre brands, Continental’s tyres are quite expensive though not as expensive as the others.

Why are continental Tyres good?

Popular Continental tyre choices Enjoy impressively good grip on snowy and icy winter roads with Winter Performance Resins and a high silica fill rate in the Traction Silica Compound which ensures this tyre is adaptable and flexible to changes in the weather conditions, optimising both traction and handling.

Are Continental Tyres good?

Where are continental Tyres made?

Continental is the world’s fourth largest tyre manufacturer, although it only took over distribution of its products in Australia in 2008. Based in Germany, Continental also has plants in China and is building a plant in Thailand.

Are Continental tyres good?

Is Continental tyres good for Indian roads?

It has good grip over wet and dry roads. Also, it is durable on rough roads. Its low rolling resistance helps in low fuel consumption and offers a quiet and comfortable ride along with superior handling and control at high speeds.

Is the Michelin Primacy LC a good tyre?

The Primacy LC is ranked 76th of 123 Summer Premium Touring tyres. 2017-11-21 – Just bought Michelin primacy LC why the letters review is from 2014 and what that means I pay premium price.

What is the size of a Michelin Primacy 4?

Michelin Primacy 4 belongs to the Premium segment. It is made in total of 225 sizes, 165/65 R15 being the smallest and 255/45 R20 the largest. Michelin Primacy 4 is made in 225 sizes, starting from 165/65 R15 up to 255/45 R20.

What is the difference between the Continental premium contact 2 and 5?

The Continental Premium Contact 2 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. This tyre replaced the Continental PremiumContact and this tyre has been replaced by the Continental Premium Contact 5. Tyre review data from 195 tyre reviews averaging 72% over 4,437,945 miles driven.

What’s the difference between ecopia100 and primacy LC four tyres?

Primacy LC four tyres cost about 200~300 AUD more than ecopia100. However, the quality is way better. Quiet, stable, comfortable and lower rolling resistance. I can’t believe the driving experience is improved so much.

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