Are GE MWF and MWF filters the same?

Are GE MWF and MWF filters the same?

A: The MWF is a new slimmer design It replaces GE water filter part numbers GWF, GWFA, GWF01, GWF06, MWFA, and Hotpoint HWF, HWFA . A: The MWF filter replaces the GWF filter and should fit just fine on you refrigerator.

What is the difference between GE MWF and MWFP?

MWFP is the new and improved replacement for the discontinued MWF. Although identical in size, GE MWFP has been tested and certified* by an independent laboratory to reduce 5 Pharmaceuticals of ibuprofen, progesterone, atenolol, trimethoprim, and fluoxetine.

How long does a GE MWF water filter last?

6 months
The disposable filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 months at the rated capacity, or sooner if a noticeable reduction in flow rate occurs.

How long does a GE Smart Water filter last?

six months
The lifespan of a single GE Smartwater refrigerator water filter cartridge is six months or the successful filtration of 310 gallons of water. However, if you notice the flow of water has decreased, you should replace it sooner.

Whats the difference between Xwf and XWFE?

XWFE vs. The XWFE replaces the XWF, and is compatible with all refrigerators using the XWF. The only difference between the XWFE and the XWF is a chip on the back of the XWFE filter, which the newer GE refrigerators “use radio frequency identification (RFID) to “talk” to the fridge.

What do GE refrigerator water filters filter out?

GE is the first and only appliance manufacturer in the U.S. to offer refrigerator filters that remove trace amounts of five key pharmaceuticals in ice and water. The advanced GE MWF filter is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified and removes 15 contaminants, such as lead, cysts, and mercury.

Is Xwf and XWFE the same?

XWFE is GE’s updated version of the XWF filter. The XWFE replaces the XWF, and is compatible with all refrigerators using the XWF.

What is the difference between a MWF and MWFA water filter?

What is the difference between MWF and MWFA filters and can I use either in my refrigerator? ANSWER Hello Diane, they are the same type of filter, one usually costs less then the other, either will fit if listed for your model.

Are all MWF water filters the same?

The MWF filters are GE specific filters for GE refrigerators. There are many different MWF filters to choose from, and they’ll all fit and work with your fridge.

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