Are Inland M1 Carbines any good?

Are Inland M1 Carbines any good?

The M1 Carbine is light, fast, and accurate. A reliable M1, teamed with the accessories mentioned above, would give anybody a formidable defensive weapon not to be trifled with. We’d highly recommend this setup for shooters who are smaller framed, recoil sensitive, or just want something compact, nimble, and accurate.

What are the most rare M1 Carbines?

Original, “as built” condition Rock-Ola’s and Saginaw/Irwin Peterson tend to be the highest valued basic M1 Carbines. The much rarer UN-Quality and virtually non existent Commercial Contols M1 Carbines tend to be auction pieces where just about anything is possible.

Does inland still make M1 Carbines?

Today’s Inland Manufacturing is now producing a new line of . 30 caliber M1 carbines and 1911 style pistols.

How many M1 Carbines did inland make?

The Inland Division of General Motors manufactured 140,000 of them in two product runs in late 1942. They were originally issued to the 82nd and 101st Airborne divisions but were later issued to all U.S. Army airborne units and the U.S. Marine Corps.

When did inland make M1 carbines?

30 Caliber, M1 rifle,” which is more commonly known as the M1 Carbine. In 1941, Inland started production of this light rifle in addition to manufacturing most of the tooling used by other companies building its versions of the carbine.

Who manufactured M1 carbines?

M1 Carbine Production

Inland Manufacturing Division, G.M.C…… 2,632,097 43.0%
Winchester Repeating Arms Co……………. 828,059 13.5%
Underwood-Elliot-Fisher Co……………… 545,616 8.9%
Saginaw Steering Gear Div., G.M.C……….. 517,212 8.5%
National Postal Meter Co……………….. 413,017 6.8%

Why are M1 carbines so expensive?

Simple answer the 30 caliber carbine rifle is only being getting more expensive to the influx of the people collecting military style rifles there are several companies making reproductions as the infield and Plainfield rifle companies are making reproductions if you were to find a military issued or style issued they …

Is Inland manufacturing still in business?

“End of Inland” On March 24, 2014 work crews began the demolition of the original Inland building reducing the entire complex to rubble in a matter of weeks. Today, all that remains is the original Wright Airplane Company hangars which were saved due to their historic significance.

WHO issued M1 carbines?

On 22 Oct 1941, M1 Carbines were named the standard carbines of the United States Army. In mid-1942, the first M1 Carbines were delivered to American soldiers stationed in the United Kingdom. They were eventually given to soldiers and Marines fighting in all theaters of WW2.

Did Springfield Armory make M1 carbines?

The U.S. .30 caliber M1 Carbine was never manufactured at Springfield Armory. All ten companies that made the original GI carbines were contracted to do so as Springfield Armory and other government owned facilities were already committed to other projects.

Can you still buy M1 carbine?

Over the years, the CMP has offered several different grades of M1 rifles, from serviceable to excellent condition. While many grades are no longer available, the CMP is currently selling M1s ranging from $650 to $3,055, according to its M1 info page.

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