Are Kasza cymbals good?

Are Kasza cymbals good?

Re: Kasza Cymbals They’re the best value out there in my mind. As you’ve found, they’re great looking/sounding cymbals for not a lot of coin.

Where are Kasza cymbals made?

They are Chinese made, but not in the way you’d expect. Some seem like replicas of other cymbals out there. There’s another member with a ride cymbal that sounds like a K Custom.

Are Paiste cymbals any good?

As you can see from the above list, Paiste makes some seriously high-quality cymbals. Although they don’t produce as many cymbals as the competing brands, they’re still considered one of the top 4 cymbal brands in the world. That’s really impressive.

What are the best selling cymbals?

The best cymbals you can buy today

  • Zildjian A.
  • Sabian AAX.
  • Paiste 2002.
  • Zildjian K Custom.
  • Sabian HH.
  • Paiste Masters.
  • Zildjian K Constantinople. The ultimate cymbals for jazz drummers.
  • Sabian Artisan Elite and Light. Sabian’s premium, traditional range delivers exceptional cymbals.

What are the brightest sounding cymbals?

Well suited to rock music, The Sabian AAX and Paiste 2002 ranges offer metallic, bright tones. Both of these legendary line-ups have been used over the years on countless records. They sound brilliant, clear and powerful with high energy projection.

What is the most expensive cymbal brand?

Most Expensive Cymbals Best to buy in 2021

  • Sabian Xs20 Cymbals. 
  • Meinl M-Series. 
  • Sabian Vote 2013 Winner Series. 
  • Meinl Byzance. 
  • Meinl Classic Customs. 
  • Sabian B8 Pro. 
  • Paiste PST8. 
  • Stagg Vintage Bronze Thin Crashes. 

What are dark cymbals for?

You can probably imagine what a dark or bright cymbal sounds like by way of connotations. Just to confirm your theories, dark cymbals have a brooding stronger emphasis on lower tones, while bright cymbals sound crisper and focus on the higher frequencies.

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