Are Keystone puppies a puppy mill?

Are Keystone puppies a puppy mill?

They aren’t – they don’t breed any of their own dogs. Rather, they are a “broker” through which puppy mills can sell their dogs without the expense of keeping up their own website/advertisements. According to their website: They sometimes visit and check the breeders they work with.

Are Keystone puppies trustworthy?

We are NOT affiliated with and DO NOT recommend shopping at Keystone Pupps! This website is an illegal scam which will take your money, with NO intent to deliver a puppy to you! If you’ve been affected by this scam, there are a few things you should do.

How do you know if a puppy is from a puppy mill?

9 Signs That Your Dog Came From a Puppy Mill

  • Puppies Are Unclean or Unhealthy.
  • Puppies Aren’t Vaccinated.
  • Puppy Mill Owners Won’t Meet You At Home.
  • Puppy’s Parents Aren’t Present.
  • Pet Store Puppies are Usually from Mills.
  • Multiple Breeds are Available.
  • Many Litters Can Be Found.
  • Mill Puppies Have Behavior Issues.

What state are keystone puppies?

Keystone Puppies 4214 Green Park Dr Mount Joy, PA Pet Supplies – MapQuest. Show tutorial hints NEW!

Do the Amish really have puppy mills?

Dog farming is a large part of the economy for many Amish communities. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Holmes County, Ohio, and Shipshewana, Indiana are home to thousands of breeding dogs that will spend their lives in puppy mills. The dogs in these Amish mills are treated like livestock.

Why do people still buy puppies from puppy mills?

The answer is surprisingly simple, and sad at the same time: Because there is a demand . Puppy mills exist because people continue to buy their puppies from pet stores, instead of rescues, shelters or reputable breeders. They take their new pet home, and still have no idea that the pups were most likely born in a place like this.

What types of dogs are in puppy mills?

AKC’s Most Popular Breeds Found in Puppy Mills. A Labrador retriever rescued from a Pennsylvania puppy mill. Bill Smith/Main Line Animal Rescue. Left: A German shepherd at a Tennessee puppy mill (Laura Bevan/The HSUS ). A golden retriever found at a Pennsylvania puppy mill. (Bill Smith/Main Line Animal Rescue)

Do puppy mills kill dogs?

Because they no longer profitable, puppy mill owners kill them. Not only are the dogs living on puppy mills faced with death, but the constant breeding and purchasing of new puppies also contributes to the death of perfectly healthy dogs living in shelters across the country and the world.

Where is Keystone puppies located?

Keystone Puppies, LLC in Mount Joy, PA – (717) 492-4339 – Profile Keystone Puppies is located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

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