Are Lowchens aggressive?

Are Lowchens aggressive?

The bright, happy little Lowchen is a moderate breed in all respects. He will romp playfully in the yard, trot gracefully beside you during walks (on-leash), then curl up in your lap to sleep. As with most sweet-natured breeds, there is timidity in some lines.

Are Lowchens smart?

The Lowchen is a wonderful breed to train. They are intelligent and take to training very quickly. Like many toy breeds, they can have issues with housetraining, but this can be overcome with patience and consistency.

How big are Lowchens?

11 – 18 lbsAdult
8.8 – 13 lbsAdult
Little lion dog/Mass

Are Lowchens expensive?

Löwchens are small, long-haired dogs that have been recognized as a breed since the Renaissance. They’re still so rare that a Löwchen puppy will cost $5,000 to $8,000.

What dog is in Hart to Hart?

If you remember Freeway from the popular 1980s television series “Hart To Hart,” you’ve seen a Lowchen, albeit one without the breed’s distinctive lion trim. It’s not surprising that one of these charismatic little dogs became a TV star.

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