Are Mujjo cases good?

Are Mujjo cases good?

Mujjo has always struck an excellent balance between looks and protection. The case adds very little bulk to the phone but still offers decent protection. Inside, the lining is Japanese microfiber to protect from scratches as you insert and remove the phone.

Where are Mujjo cases made?

The iPhone 12 lineup has recently hit retail shelves and Mujjo is busy fulfilling orders to meet the high demand for the cases made from fine leather. Based in Amsterdam, Mujjo is one of the few brands that solely focuses on designing and selling upmarket accessories for Apple products.

Is Mujjo a MagSafe?

Mujjo’s case may not have fancy buttons like Apple’s cases, but they have a better grip, and they cost less, too. The downside of Mujjo’s cases is that they are not made for MagSafe, which means the new magnetic accessories created for iPhone 12 will not work properly with these cases.

Does Apple make a leather case for iPhone 11?

Apple’s leather case retails for $50 for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple does not sell a leather case for the iPhone 11.

Where does Apple source its leather?

The leather that ECCO produces for Apple is of European origin, with tanning and cutting occurring at facilities in the Netherlands and China.

Do Mujjo cases work with MagSafe?

Our Leather Cases and Leather Wallet Cases are compatible with all Qi-certified wireless chargers, including Apple’s MagSafe Charger. The magnets are not strong enough to penetrate through the layers of our Leather Wallet Cases to use the alignment feature, but wireless charging still works perfectly.

What does MagSafe mean for iPhone?

MagSafe is the name used by Apple to describe the magnetic technology that’s now built into the back of iPhones. An array of magnets are placed around a Qi wireless charging coil inside the handsets – supporting chargers, sleeves, cases, and wallets that perfectly align and improve the efficiency of power transfer.

Are Apple leather cases worth it?

The leather case is nice because it’s slim and it uses high-grade leather which feels great in my hand. The leather adds a good amount of grip to an otherwise slippery X, and also wears nice with my cruddy hands. The leather case is nice because it’s slim and it uses high-grade leather which feels great in my hand.

Are MagSafe cases worth it?

If you’re using Apple’s official MagSafe charger, you can even recharge your iPhone twice as fast as competing wireless chargers. But if you want to make the most of these products, you’ll need a MagSafe-compatible case. (Unless you keep your iPhone caseless, which we definitely don’t think is worth the risk.)

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