Are Nitto performance tires good?

Are Nitto performance tires good?

Nitto tires are a strong choice for performance tires, and the manufacturer offers other high-quality specialty models as well. Overall, we rate Nitto 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for its tire variety, affordability, and wide selection.

Are Nitto NT555 good in snow?

The Nitto NT555 G2 is an ultra-high-performance summer tire. Due to the stiffer tread compound, the Nitto suffers in chilly weather. You might experience worse traction and grip, even at temperatures of around 30° F (0° C). Things on snow are even worse than that, due to the less-aggressive tread design.

Are Nitto NT05 good?

Conclusion: The Nitto NT05 is a great tire in dry conditions, even when pushed to the limit. This tire is a lot of fun to drive, and provides crisp steering response for those who like drive hard, but maintain precise control. If you are looking for a high performance summer tire the NT05 is a great bargain.

Are Nitto tires quiet?

This ultra quiet tire is engineered with advanced sound analysis equipment that systematically reduces noise levels. When compared to the Mud Grappler, mentioned above, this tire is 34% quieter at street speeds and 36% quieter at highway speeds.

Is Nitto owned by Toyo?

Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshio Kataoka) announces the establishment of NITTO JAPAN CO., LTD., a new sales subsidiary to market Nitto Tire brand products in Japan, effective November 1. Ownership: Wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.

Are Nitto drag radials any good?

Overall the Nitto NT555R Extreme drag radial is one of the best designed drag radials for both comfort on the street and consistent grip at the drag strip. For the cost it’s hard to beat the performance of the 555R both on and off the track.

Are Nitto NT05 good in rain?

Rain and NT-05’s is not a great combo, but they do ok in the rain, you have to be careful and too much water on the road is kind of scary ride, gotta go slower than on other tires…. There ok in the rain, just dont do anything crazy and you’ll be fine.

Is the NT05 a drag radial?

The NT05®R is a D.O.T.-compliant competition drag radial designed for serious drag racing enthusiasts.

Are Nitto Grapplers noisy?

The Nitto Trail Grapplers are quiet, eventually their loudness will increase with miles, i’ve ran them before in other vehicles, and now i have them in the Jeep (5k miles already), they will start to get noisier by about 20k miles or so, before that, they’re surprisingly quiet for a tire with such footprint.

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