Are Remi and Cal together?

Are Remi and Cal together?

Remi Cruz. Remi. moved in with boyfriend Cal Parsons.

How did Remi Cruz get famous?

YouTube Star Remi Cruz Built a Lifestyle Brand With Millions of Followers by Staying True to Herself. In 2012, she launched a YouTube channel, MissRemiAshten, to talk about the things she loved, from fashion and makeup to dance and music to DIY projects and, more recently, to cooking, fitness and overall wellness.

What is Remi ashten’s real name?

Remi Cruz
Remi Cruz was born on February 7, 1995 in Anaheim Hills, California, USA as Remi Ashten Cruz.

How successful is pretty basic?

Mostly recently, she launched the podcast Pretty Basic with her best friend Alisha Marie, and the series has been a huge success, with millions of downloads per month.

How old is Remi?

26 years (February 7, 1995)
Remi Cruz/Age

Did Alisha Marie go to college?

Alisha Marie Family, Parents, and Siblings Regarding Marie’s education, she attended Arrowhead Christian High School and Riverside City College.

Did Remi ashten go to college?

She attended the University of California, Riverside and was in the Delta Gamma sorority.

What nationality is Remi?

Rémy, Remy, Rémi or Remi (French: [ʁemi], English: /ˈrɛmi, ˈriːmi, ˈreɪmi/) is a name of French origin, and is associated with the Latin name Remigius. It is used as either a surname or as a male or female given name. It is also used as a nickname for the name Remington.

Was Alisha Marie on Bizaardvark?

Alisha Marie Dishes on ‘Bizaardvark’ Guest Appearance, Says She’s Not Replacing Jake Paul (Video) The social star – who recently launched her first app – posted a video on Saturday (August 19) in which she watches the episode air for the first time, and her reaction is priceless.

Who is Alisha Maries sister?

Alisha Marie Family, Parents, and Siblings Moreover, she has an older sister named Ashley Nichole McDonald, who is 30 years, and a big brother who goes by the name Matthew R McDonald who is 36 years old.

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