Are spring compressors safe?

Are spring compressors safe?

Compressing springs is a very dangerous job. The energy that compressed springs pack is tremendous. If your redneck, home-made coil spring compressor were to fail it could literally crack your skull, take your face off and even kill you. Use a good, high-quality spring compressor to work with your springs and struts.

What are the best spring compressors?

Best Strut Spring Compressors

Strut Spring Compressors Material Weight
Jacktech SK-3000 Strut Compressor Steel 55.11 pounds
OTC Tools 6637 Strut Tamer II Extreme Metal 60 pounds
BestEquip Spring Compressor Wood surface and steel frame 63.4 pounds
OTC Clamshell Strut Spring Compressor Carbon Steel 18.3 pounds

What is the safest coil spring compressor?

Our pick for the best strut spring compressor is the OEMTOOLS MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor. It’s simple to use, includes safety pins for extra security, and is a good product overall. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Shankly Coil Spring Compressor Tool.

What is coil over spring?

Coil-Over Springs. Coil over spring are closed and ground on bothends. Meaning the spring is identical on each end. Draco Racing Coil-Over Springs are engineered to offer the fewest coil and largest coil gap currently available, reducing weight while providing maximum travel with a linear rate. All springs are preset to prevent sag.

What is a coil spring compressor?

Coil spring compressors are tools that are used to service certain types of automotive suspensions. Some vehicles use components known as struts, which combine a shock absorber and spring into an integral component of the suspension system.

What is a spring compressor?

A spring compressor is a device used to remove coil springs from an automobile. Comprised of two threaded rods and four hook-like apparatus, the spring compressor is placed on the spring’s coils and tightened.

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