Are there any valuable 45 RPM records?

Are there any valuable 45 RPM records?

Frank Wilson, Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) 45 rpm in plain sleeve: $37,000. There are only two known copies of Do I Love You (Indeed I Do), a rare 45-rpm Northern soul track by Frank Wilson, one of which sold for $37,000 in 2009.

Why do some records play at 45?

Scientifically speaking, the longer wave-lengths, the smaller angles in the grooves and the less complicated geometry at 45 RPM help to cut very precise grooves with even the finest details. With a higher rotation speed, of course, the available playing time per side is reduced at 45 RPM.

What record is a 45?

Answer: The 7-inch, 45 RPM record was introduced by RCA Victor in 1949. Playing at a speed of 45 revolutions per minute, this type of record is often referred to as a “single” or, simply, a “45.” 45 RPM records became very popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

How much are the old 45 records worth?

Rock and roll and R&B 45s with the cardboard sleeves are worth at least $20, with many being worth more than $200. First pressings of albums have more value than second, third, or subsequent pressings. They are referred to as the “originals” that were purchased when the record first hit the charts.

What happens if you play a 33 at 45?

If you play the record at 45 instead of at 33, that puts the frequencies recorded on the record 45/33 times as high, which means that as far as the record is concerned the effect of the stylus is what it would be if the resonance were at 13KHz while you played it at 33.

What was the first 45 record released?

PeeWee the Piccolo
The first regular production 45 rpm record pressed was “PeeWee the Piccolo” RCA Victor 47-0146 pressed 7 December 1948, at the Sherman Avenue plant in Indianapolis, R.O. Price, plant manager.

When did they stop making 45 records?

The arrival of the compact disc in the 1980s severely curbed production of LP and 45 discs. Sales of both dropped quickly and most major label record companies stopped releasing them in large amounts by the early 1990s.

What’s the difference between 33 and 45 records?

33 is the speed of long play records (albums) while 45 is the speed of singles, depending on if you are in the US or in Europe, there may be 12″ singles with 33 or 45 rpm. The records usually have the RPM printed on the labels.

Does anyone buy old 45 records?

For over 15 years, DJ Records USA has been in the business of buying used LPs, 45s, 78s and 12” singles from thousands upon thousands of individuals all over the United States. We buy truckloads of records from collectors, DJs, audiophiles, music industry executives, and estates.

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