Can a 180cm guy dunk?

Can a 180cm guy dunk?

Yes, like it has been noted, people well under your height can dunk, and dunk emphatically. Not just Nate Robinson, there’s a whole bunch of people, not only in NBA, that can or could dunk at 180cm.

Who is the youngest person to dunk?

Originally Answered: Who is the youngest person to ever dunk? Kobe Bryant (18 years) became the youngest player to win the NBA’s dunk competition in 1997 with 31 points as 20,000 fans chanted his name. He first dunked at the age of 14, but persons younger to him has dunked subsequently.

How high do you need to jump to dunk from the free throw line?

To dunk, you’ll need to be jumping around 35 inches high, which would be considered impressive even in professional sports. In the NBA there are players who consistently produce 40+ inch running vertical jumps that enable them to perform spectacular dunks in games.

Can the average man dunk?

The average height for a male in the US is 5ft9. Assuming they are proportionate, they would need about a 40 inch vertical to dunk. The average male has about a 16–20 inch vertical in his prime. So the average person physically CANNOT dunk a basketball.

Is vertical jump genetic?

While genetics play a role in vertical jumps, anyone (who isn’t morbidly obese) can train to achieve a higher vertical jump. Focus on training your legs- quads, hamstrings & calves.

Who is the shortest girl to dunk?

The shortest woman to dunk in a basketball game happens to be outside the WNBA. Charlotte Smith of the University of North Carolina is 6’0 tall when he dunked the basketball back on December 4, 1994(4). Smith was already 26 years old when she was drafted by her namesake, the Charlotte Sting, in the 1999 WNBA draft.

Is a 25 inch vertical good?

Jump height is measured by the vertical jump test, which measures the distance an athlete is able to lift themselves off the ground….

Score Men (in inches) Women (in inches)
Very good 24 to 28 20 to 24
Above average 20 to 24 16 to 20
Average 16 to 20 12 to 16
Below average 12 to 16 8 to 12

How hard is it to dunk at 5 11?

A 5-foot-6 guy probably doesn’t have much of a shot with a 10-foot rim unless he’s Spud Webb. At the same time, an average-sized guy–say, 5-11–won’t have a chance without at least a little athletic ability. Dunking isn’t for everybody, but many men at least have a chance at pulling it off.

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