Can Google translate listen to audio?

Can Google translate listen to audio?

Listen to translations spoken aloud Go to Google Translate. Choose the languages to translate to and from. In the text box, enter content you want to translate. , the audio switches between normal and slow pace.

How do I translate audio in real time?

To use the feature, open up the Translate app on your Android device and make sure it’s up to date. Hit the “Transcribe” icon from the home screen and choose the source and target languages from the dropdown menu. Tap the mic icon to pause or restart a transcription.

Is there an app that will translate audio?

iTranslate Voice 3 iTranslate Voice 3 enables “magical” voice-to-voice communication across languages. Simply speak into your phone and the app will translate, and speak, that sentence into one of 42 languages.

Which is the best audio translator?

4 Best Voice Translator Apps for Travelers

  • Voice Translator. Voice Translator is a free voice translation app for Android.
  • TripLingo. If you want to sound savvy abroad, TripLingo will help you sound like a local as well as helping you seamlessly adapt to the culture.
  • Microsoft Translator.
  • SayHi.

How do I use Google Translate with headphones?

While you are wearing Google Pixel Buds, touch and hold either earbud or say, “Hey Google” to invoke your Google Assistant. Tell the Google Assistant to help you interpret a language.

How do you translate an entire conversation?

The Translate app lets you translate in near real-time while someone speaks a different language….Step 1: Start translation

  1. Open the Translate app .
  2. At the top left and top right: Tap the languages shown. Tap the languages each of you speak.
  3. Tap Conversation .
  4. Say something.

How can I translate Chinese audio to English?

How to translate Mandarin audio to English?

  1. Upload your audio file.
  2. Select “Mandarin”.
  3. Select “Transcription”.
  4. Choose “Machine generated” or “Human made”.
  5. Receive your transcript.
  6. Select “Translation” > “English”.
  7. Click on “Export” and choose your preferred file format.

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