Can I cover my basement ceiling with fabric?

Can I cover my basement ceiling with fabric?

Cover the Ceiling with Fabric Staple sheets or other fabric to the floor joists overhead, allowing them to billow down in tufts. This technique softens the space while hiding the mess above. For a more dramatic effect, use colorful parachutes or sail shades.

What can I use for a basement ceiling?

These Basement Ceiling Ideas Are Perfect for Your Home

  • Drop Ceiling.
  • Drywall Ceiling.
  • Tile Ceiling.
  • Painted Wooden Plank Ceiling.
  • Painted Pipes or beams.
  • Painted Rafters.
  • Stretch Ceiling.
  • Corrugated Metal Ceiling.

Is it safe to hang fabric from ceiling?

Lightweight fabrics work best, so to start look to tulle or sheer and semisheer fabrics — especially linens, cottons and silks. You can hang heavy fabrics as well, but you will need sturdier hardware to keep it where it belongs, and it may need adjustments around, instead of over, ceiling mounted light fixtures.

How do you attach fabric to a basement ceiling?

Attach it to the Ceiling The best ways to attach the new fabric are a ceiling joist or by using a sticky 2 sided tape for lighter materials. If you have a corrugated steel basement ceiling you may need to hook it into the top of the drywall near the top of the wall.

Can you drywall a basement ceiling?

Installing basement drywall ceiling is the most cost effective methods to cover the floor joists and beams, and finishing your basement ceiling properly.

Should my basement ceiling be insulated?

Insulating the basement ceiling will keep most of the heat upstairs in the living space. As a result, the basement will be colder in the winter making it important to also insulate any water pipes or heating/cooling ducts in the basement.

How do you suspend a fabric ceiling?

Stapling the fabric along the line where the wall meets the ceiling is one of the simplest fixed hanging methods. Arrange the fabric into pleats as you staple, and then glue gimp or ribbon along the top to hide the staples. You can also hang floor-to-ceiling fabric with hook-and-loop tape.

What can I cover basement ceiling insulation with?

How to Cover Fiberglass Insulation

  • Seal the insulation by stapling a polymembrane sheet over it.
  • Install paneling or sheetrock over insulation located in the wall.
  • Install plywood flooring over insulation located in the floor.
  • Work with an insulation expert to ensure safe, code-compliant results.

How do you attach fabric to a ceiling?

Start in one corner and attach the fabric to the ceiling by placing small pieces of duct tape along the wall. The fabric will drape a bit, but you’ll pull it taut later. Once your first strip of fabric is taped up, start back at the first corner, fold one inch or so of the fabric so that you have a clean edge.

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