Can I own a gun in South Australia?

Can I own a gun in South Australia?

A person must have a licence to possess a firearm. A licence can be obtained from the Registrar of Firearms by people who are aged 18 or over and who are ‘fit and proper’ to hold a licence. A firearms licence must be carried at all times when a person has physical possession or control of the subject firearm.

Are guns legal in Adelaide?

Yes, A current firearms licence is required to look at and purchase ALL firearms and ammunition including primers and powder. BB guns/air rifles, antiques and replicas are all regulated and do require appropriate licencing. Air Soft Guns do fall into this category, but are not currently brought into the country.

Where can I shoot a gun in Adelaide?

Local Shooting Ranges in Adelaide SA

  • Marksman Indoor Firing Range. Gun & Shooting Clubs, Adelaide, SA 5000. 163 Franklin St, Adelaide, SA, 5000.
  • Hellenic Shooting Sports Association of SA Inc. Gun & Shooting Clubs, Glen Osmond, SA 5064.
  • Target Rifle South Australia Inc. Gun & Shooting Clubs, Wingfield, SA 5013.

What guns can you own in SA?

Current law

  • Licence types. Licence to possess firearm for self-defence.
  • Semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. Semi-automatic firearms are not prohibited under law.
  • Handguns. Handguns of all firing actions (except fully automatic) are legal under all licences.
  • Carrying of firearms in public.
  • Criticism and legal challenges.

How much does it cost to register a gun in South Australia?

Rates including GST

Charge Rate GST exempt
Registration of firearm or duplicate certificate of registration. $41.00
Replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed licence. $61.00
Ammunition permit. $41.00
Administrative fee for late renewal of a licence. $44.00

How many guns can you own in SA?

four firearms
In South Africa, citizens or permanent residents (over the age of 21 years generally, but if need can be shown then technically no age limit applies) who wish to own firearms are required to obtain a licence per individual firearm, and may possess a maximum amount of only four firearms, and a maximum of 200 rounds of …

How long does a firearm Licence take?

Firearm licence applications are currently taking 120 working days to complete, instead of the usual 90 days.

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