Can I pay Sharjah traffic fines online?

Can I pay Sharjah traffic fines online?

For other traffic violations, such as speeding tickets, log onto the Sharjah Police Headquarters website, and click on the traffic fines link. A final way you can check on, and pay for, your traffic fines is via the Emirates Vehicle Gate website.

How can I check my traffic fines in UAE?

To enquire about and pay traffic fines in different emirates of the UAE, please visit one of the following websites:

  1. Ministry of Interior.
  2. Emirates Vehicle Gate.
  3. Abu Dhabi Police.
  4. Dubai Police.
  5. RTA – Dubai.

How do I pay a blocked fine in Sharjah?

How to Pay Traffic Fines in Sharjah, UAE-WHERE AND HOW?

  1. Ministry of Interior’s app (MOI) – Online.
  2. Traffic village (Tasjeel) – Offline.
  3. Traffic Police Centers – Offline.
  4. Police Service Centre located at the Sahara Mall and any Police Stations. – Offline.

How can I get traffic fines online?

Paying traffic fines in the Western Cape


Where can I pay Sharjah traffic fines?

According to police, motorists can pay their traffic fines either through the police website and use their credit card, or they can pay in person at the Sharjah Traffic and Licensing Department located in Wasit area.

How do I check my Salik fines?

To check your Salik account balance you may use one of the channels below:

  1. Smart Salik App.
  2. Dubai Drive App.
  4. Contact our 24 hr Salik self-service on 800 Salik (72545) then:

How can I check my car history in UAE?

Checking a vehicle’s history should be a must on your checklist for buying a used car in the UAE….Abu Dhabi Police Website

  1. Visit the official Abu Dhabi Police website.
  2. Find the ‘inquire about car accidents’ tab from the drop-down menu on the homepage.
  3. Enter the chassis number of the car and get the entire history of a car.

Where can I pay Sharjah traffic fines with black points?

You can visit the following offices to pay fines in person.

  • The Sharjah Municipality Headquarters in Al Manakh.
  • The Public Parking Department building in Industrial Area 5.
  • The Sharjah City Municipality centre in Al Khalidiya.
  • Tasjeel Village, on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

How do I check my traffic fines via SMS?

To check the traffic fines, motorists SMS their ID number to 36997 from any cellphone network provider. Each SMS costs R5.

How long is a traffic fine valid for?

18 months
The NPA has declared that all outstanding traffic fines should be cancelled after 18 months if no summons have been issued.

What is Sharjah traffic fine?

Sharjah Traffic Fines – Violation, Fines and Black Points

Violation Fine Black points
Driving recklessly 2000 AED 12
Exceeding the limit of 60 Km/hr 1000 AED 12
Driving in a way to endanger people’s lives 1000 AED 12
Crossing the red light signal 800 AED 8

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