Can I swim with a 20 atm watch?

Can I swim with a 20 atm watch?

20 BAR / 20 ATM / 200m / 660ft: Your watch is suitable for swimming, high-impact water sports and scuba diving.

What does 20 atm mean on a watch?

ATM: Stands for atmosphere. One atmosphere = 10 meters. A watch that’s “20 bar water resistant” is strong enough to withstand water pressures on a par with a depth of 200 meters.

How many feet underwater is 20 bars?

200 meters/ 662 feet/ 20 bar: Suitable for high impact water sports and aqua diving not requiring helium.

At what depth does pressure reach 5ATM?

about 50 meters
5ATM will withstand pressures equivalent to about 50 meters, or 164 ft under water. It is important to note that this is a measure of pressure NOT depth.

What is 200M ATM?

DIVER’S WATCH 200M: Wearable while scuba diving at depths not requiring helium gas.

  • ATM=Atmosphere.
  • Only watches marked with the words “DIVER’S WATCH 200M” can be worn while scuba diving (with air tanks).
  • Even if a watch is water-resistant, do not operate its buttons or crown while it is submersed in water or wet.

Can you swim with 10 atm watch?

10ATM is suitable for snorkelling and swimming but not for scuba diving.

How deep can a human dive?

That means that most people can dive up to a maximum of 60 feet safely. For most swimmers, a depth of 20 feet (6.09 metres) is the most they will free dive. Experienced divers can safely dive to a depth of 40 feet (12.19 metres) when exploring underwater reefs.

How far down is 10 atm?

100 meters
10 ATM corresponds to approximately 10 bar, which is approximately the pressure that prevails at a depth of 100 meters. This is where the term “100 meters waterproof” comes from.

Is swimming 10 ATM good?

10 bar, 10 ATM, 100 Meter (100M) water resistant is suitable for swimming and water sports. 20 bar, 20 ATM, 200 Meter (200M) water resistant is suitable for professional sports. Deep diving is recommended only to do with a divers watch.

Can I swim with my G-Shock?

You can wear your G-SHOCK in all sorts of situations, from working with water in daily life and taking a shower to participating in water activities such as swimming, surfing or jet skiing.

How deep is 20 atm?

Typically, timepiece sellers list water resistance depth, followed by a specific number of meters. 30 meters is equal to 100 feet or 3 ATM. 50 meters is equal to 165 feet or 5 ATM. 100 meters is equal to 330 feet or 10 ATM. 200 meters is equal to 660 feet or 20 ATM.

What does 20 atm mean?

20 ATM refers to the watch being able to withstand the pressure of ‘20 Atmospheres’ or 20-times the normal air pressure at sea level. When submerging underwater, the water pressure increases and equivalent of 1 atmosphere roughly every 10 meters deep you go.

20 ATM means that the watch is designed to withstand pressures of 20 atmospheres, with one athmosphere being equal to 1.01325 bar.

What is the depth of 10 atm?

A watch that is rated to 10 ATM is good to a depth of 100 meters , which is approximately 330 feet. Its easy to forget that at sea level you are already at 1 ATM. This means that to be precise a 10 ATM watch is rated to go 90 meters or 300 feet before water can get inside.

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