Can I take a picture of words and Translate?

Can I take a picture of words and Translate?

Google Translate can now translate text in images through your phone’s camera. The feature means users can, for example, use their Android phone’s camera to take a picture of a menu in a foreign language, then have the app translate the text into their own tongue.

What happened Word Lens app?

Google has bought Quest Visual, the company behind the popular Word Lens translation app. The app works by instantly translating text in different languages seen through the iPhone’s camera. It’s an astounding piece of technology, and it will now be incorporated into Google Translate.

Is Google Word Lens free?

The Word Lens app struggles with translating handwriting or particularly intricate text or fonts. The app is free to download from the App Store, and it’s available for both iPhone and iPad and on the Google Play Store for Android users.

How do I activate Google lenses?

You can use Google Lens from: Google Photos. Google Assistant on most Android phones….Get details & take action on your photos

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .
  2. Select a photo.
  3. Tap Lens .
  4. Depending on your photo, check the details, take an action, or find similar products.

Is there an app to Translate English to Japanese?

Google Translate records and renders your words into text, then produces a translation. This is then read out to you in the target language. Google Translate also works offline. It’s available on iOS and Android (but of course) and is free for use.

How do I google translate a picture on my computer?

How to translate images

  1. Click the Translate tab.
  2. Select the Image menu.
  3. Select the language of the text within the photo, and the language you want to translate to.
  4. Click Open to upload an image (.gif, .jpg, or .png)
  5. The translation will overlay on the original text, and the translated text will appear on the right.

How do I get Google lenses on my PC?

If you’re interested in trying out Google Lens on your PC or just want to check if it’s available for you, go to and try opening an image that has some text content. It’s worth noting Google Photos on Android already supports OCR capability for conveniently copying text from images.

How do I access Google Lens?

How do I use Google Lens on PC?

As part of a string of updates, Google has revealed that Lens will be available for Chrome on the desktop in the “coming months.” You just have to right-click on a website, choose to search with Lens and select the part of the page you want to examine.

What does Kira Kira mean in Japanese?

glittering or shining
“Kira-Kira” (キラ キラ in katakana) means glittering or shining.

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