Can I use Frontline spray on cats?

Can I use Frontline spray on cats?

FRONTLINE SPRAY protects cats and dogs against fleas and ticks, including paralysis ticks. It can be used on puppies and kittens from 2 days of age. To protect against adult fleas, apply every 12 weeks for dogs and every 8 weeks for cats.

Can you buy Frontline spray over the counter?

While it is always a good idea to talk to your vet before giving your dog any medication, the Frontline family of flea and tick control products is available over the counter. You should take precautions before using it, however, to help ensure the safety of your pet.

Does Frontline spray work?

How does Frontline Spray work? Frontline Spray is a medication with one powerful active ingredient – Fipronil – that is an effective drug against adult ticks, chewing lice, mites, and fleas at every step of the flea’s life cycle.

What is the best frontline for cats?

We recommend Frontline Plus because it not only kills fleas and controls flea infestations, but it also kills ticks and chewing lice. Used and trusted by pet owners for more than 20 years, Frontline Plus protects for 30 days with one application.

What happens if my cat licks Frontline spray?

If an animal is able to lick the product when it is wet on the fur or scratches the area and then licks their foot, the bitter taste of the product can cause the animal to salivate, foam at the mouth, become nauseous or vomit.

Is there a flea spray for cats?

Advantage flea spray is formulated for cats aged seven months or older and can help kill and repel fleas, ticks and lice. It’s a reasonably easy-to-use spray that can be applied directly to your cat, and it can also be used to help kill those pesky bugs in carpets, rugs, pet bedding and other household surfaces.

Do pharmacies sell Frontline?

Yes. You can find a full range of FRONTLINE® products in all leading pet retailers and pharmacies.

Does Walmart have frontline?

FRONTLINE Plus for Medium Dogs (23-44 lbs) Flea and Tick Treatment, 3 Doses –

How quickly does Frontline spray work?

3. Do fleas and ticks have to bite my pet for FRONTLINE Brand Products to work? will die within 18 hours of contact with your treated pet, and ticks will die within 48 hours.

What’s the best flea spray for cats?

Best Overall: Revolution Plus Topical Solution for Cats With not only safe and effective flea killing power, Revolution plus also combats ticks, heartworms, ear mites, and intestinal parasites.

Why is my cat acting weird after flea treatment?

The most common signs of toxicity from pyrethrum-based flea products are muscle tremors and excessive salivation. Common signs of toxicity from flea products containing organophosphates are diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty breathing, small pupils, muscle tremor, weakness or falling over, and drooling.

Where do I put Frontline on my cat?

Apply FRONTLINE Plus: Part your pet’s hair between the shoulder blades. Place the applicator tip just above the skin and squeeze. Apply entire contents of the applicator in a single spot directly onto the animal’s skin. Do not apply on top of the haircoat.

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