Can Jae from Day6 speak Spanish?

Can Jae from Day6 speak Spanish?

He can even speak fluent Japanese when he sleeps. – He cannot speak any Spanish. – He is allergic to peaches. –He prefers not to be called a rapper, he rather prefers a name of a hip-hop enthusiast.

Is Jae from Day6 fluent in English?

He attended high school in Canada, where he chose his name and learned how to speak fluent English. Jae is a lot more than just the funny meme guy. He’s incredibly smart and talented.

Is Jae from Day6 going to the military?

Day6’s Young K has confirmed that he will be commencing his mandatory military service in October. During his V Live broadcast on August 16, the vocalist and bassist shared the details of his upcoming enlist.

Does Kard know Spanish?

– He speaks Korean, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Does Jae have to enlist?

No, only South Korean citizens have to enlist.

Is Day6 Kpop or K Rock?

Day6 (Korean: 데이식스 ; RR: De-i-sik-seu; stylized in all caps) is a South Korean pop rock band under the label JYP Entertainment.

Is Jae fluent in Korean?

He is fluent in English but not that good in speaking Korean. Jae dreams in both English and Korean.

How does BM from Kard know Spanish?

– BM’s mother is fluent in Spanish. She actually helped him write the Spanish lines in KARD’s song, “Dímelo”. – His stage name BM stands for the initials of Big Matthew. When BM first moved to Korea he had adjustment problems as he didn’t know Korean, J.

Is BM full Korean?

Matthew Kim (born October 20, 1992), known by his stage name BM or Big Matthew, is a Korean-American rapper, songwriter, composer, and record producer based in South Korea signed under DSP Media. He is best known for his activities with the South Korean co-ed group Kard.

Why did a member leave Day6?

He’s a former member of DAY6, where he was a vocalist and keyboardist. Junhyeok’s contract with JYP Entertainment was terminated on February 22, 2016 due to personal reasons and consequently he left the band.

Do foreign kpop idols have citizenship?

There has been many kpop idols from other countries that have maintained their home countries’ citizenship (e.g. Lisa from BLACKPINK, Sorn from CLC, Jackson from GOT7, etc) without needing to get another.

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