Can Simmental cattle be black?

Can Simmental cattle be black?

Most Simmental cattle have a white face with a brownish-red body. Other Simmental cattle will be lighter in color, while some will be all black, and others mostly brown or mostly red.

What color is Simmental cattle?

Simmentals vary from yellowish brown to straw colour to dark red, with white markings on the head, brisket, belly and legs. They often have red pigmentation around the eyes, and white patches on the body, especially behind the shoulders and on the flanks.

Are Simmental cattle Hardy?

Simmental cattle are healthy, hardy and show an excellent adaptability to the different geographical and climatic conditions. Easy calving, regular fertility and a long productive life are, besides the high performance potential for milk and beef, the basis for efficient production.

How big do Simmental cows get?

approximately 135-150cm tall
They have a large frame with good muscling with cows at approximately 135-150cm tall and the bulls at 150-160cm. Their weight can vary on the use of their use but cows can weigh around 700-900kgs and bulls 1300kgs.

Is Simmental meat good?

The Simmental beef is well-marbled, which gives it a pretty good tenderness. The beef yield from Simmental is high and cattle that are only half Simmental still inherit from their Simmental parents the genes that make their carcasses an outstanding source of great, high-quality meat.

How do you get a black Simmental?

The origins of Black Simmental were the result of mating Simmental to Angus. Over time a small number of breeders continued to utilise a grading up program from animals possessing the dominant black gene to reach a “pure” Simmental status.

Is Simmental beef good?

Are Simmental cattle easy calving?

Ease of Calving – Simmental has the reputation as being a very easy calving Continental breed, an attribute that is now more important than ever due to the increased number of part time farmers involved in suckling. This is evident by the increase in demand for Simmental weanling bull calves for finishing.

Are Simmental cattle aggressive?

Many farmers claim Simmental are very docile and easy to handle, but Simmental cows can get pretty aggressive when they are protecting their little Simmental calves.

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