Can you rob trashcan Carla?

Can you rob trashcan Carla?

Carla’s sales territory includes the northwest quarter of the region, which usually not many dangers inhabit, removing the need for a hired gun. Carla takes the protection of her merchandise from potential thieves very seriously and refuses to give in to any robbery attempts.

Does trashcan Carla actually give you a discount?

And yes, she does give you a discount.

How often does trashcan Carla come to Sanctuary?

roughly every 24 hours
This cycle happens roughly every 24 hours as far as I can tell in my game (unmodded never-modded vanilla Survival).

Where does Wolfgang go?

If his money is taken and he leaves after being threatened by the Sole Survivor, he can be encountered later on at the entrance of Goodneighbor. If one chooses to end the dispute peacefully, Wolfgang will become a merchant of chems at Drumlin, including X-cell.

Where is crystal in sanctuary Fallout 4?

Crystals are typically found in cameras, microscopes, and laser tripmines, none of which I’ve found in Sanctuary or Vault 111. There is another possibility, however. You’ll find this behind the house with the fallen tree. There’s something on the roof as well.

How do you make a stolen power armor?

Step by Step

  1. Steal a Power Armor in the Game (Pickpocketing the Fusion Core out of it)
  2. Open the Console and click on the Power Armor so a line of numbers / text appears on the screen.
  3. Type in the command: setownership.
  4. The Power Armor is now yours and doesn’t count as ‘Stealing’ each time you enter it.

Do companions deplete fusion cores?

No, they don’t use up fusion cores for Power Armor.

How do you convince Trudy in Fallout 4?

Convincing Trudy to join in requires passing either a Speech check of 25 or a Sneak check of 25. She will cause an additional Goodsprings settler or two to join the gunfight. Both Chet and Trudy sell Meeting People, which boosts the Speech skill by 10 (or 20 with Comprehension).

What does Wolfgang sell fallout4?

Wolfgang began selling chems, specifically Jet, to Patrick, who soon became addicted to the drugs he bought off the dealer. However, since Patrick had no caps, Wolfgang went to his mother, Trudy, for payment.

What items have crystal Fallout 4?


Item Scrap VAL
Crystal x1 Crystal 4
Crystal Liquor Decanter x4 Crystal, x1 Cork 18
High-Powered Microscope x2 Crystal, x2 Gear, x2 Glass, x1 Fiber Optics 22
Magnifying Glass x2 Crystal, x1 Copper, x2 Glass 8

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