Can you tell me about the most challenging project work you have done how did you & your team overcome difficulties *?

Can you tell me about the most challenging project work you have done how did you & your team overcome difficulties *?

Be specific and to the point Don’t just focus on a few responsibilities but be specific and walk the interviewer through what you’ve done to deal with the situation, how you led your team, or how you made decisions. It’s important that you explain your thought process in a particular situation you choose to discuss.

What drives individuals to succeed?

A person with the drive to succeed has goals and puts forth effort to reach those goals. The drive to succeed is a strong indicator of persistence, sustained effort, and accomplishing what one sets out to do.

What is the best motivator of all?


What challenges did you face in your project?

What Are the Challenges of Project Management?

  • Keeping Teams on The Same Page.
  • Poorly Defining the Goals And Objectives.
  • Unrealistic Deadlines.
  • Finding The Right Project Management Software.
  • Scope Creep is Insidious And Creepy.
  • Insufficient Team Skills.
  • Miscommunication Cause Conflicts.
  • Risk Management.

How do you answer the most challenging project?

This is a question that you can answer by preparing beforehand. List all of the projects that you have done. Pick one that you think is the most challenging and turned out to be really successful. Choose the project that really tested your skills and abilities and had a positive outcome.

How do you answer how did you handle a difficult situation?

How to approach this question.

  1. Set the scene. “How did you handle a difficult situation?” is one of many open-ended interview questions that lends itself way to the STAR technique.
  2. Describe the difficulty.
  3. Walk them through your actions.
  4. Talk about what happened.
  5. Identify the take-away.

How do you stay self motivated?

Here are the best ways to stay motivated, no matter how much you feel like giving up:

  1. Simplify to focus your energy.
  2. Break down large goals into small steps.
  3. Manage your expectations.
  4. Surround yourself with supportive people.
  5. Ask for help — and offer it.
  6. Practice gratitude.
  7. Get enough rest.
  8. Celebrate achievements.

What is the best motivator to succeed?

Key Success Motivators

  • Earning Enough to Live Comfortably. A key motivator for most people is being able to earn enough to live comfortably.
  • Enjoyment and Passion. Another huge motivator for some is simply enjoyment and passion.
  • Improvement to the Past.
  • Provide for Others.
  • Have Free Time.

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