Crypto fundraising platform

Every big crypto project started out looking for investors’ money. This is a big journey, and finding the best opportunity to attract investors is crucial for your project’s future. 

One of the deciding factors here is a crypto fundraising platform.

What is a crypto fundraising platform?

A crypto fundraising platform is an exchange or a launchpad that sets the initial amount of your tokens for token sale while promoting your projects to investors inside the platform.

Credibility means a lot when you raise money via IDO crypto or IEO crypto. If the platform considers your project and its owners trustworthy and complies with all platform’s rules, it starts a token sale and takes full responsibility for transactions.

A Crypto fundraising platform is basically a place where every crypto project finds its first investors and public opinion, which is highly important before you apply for a token listing on any exchange. They can be centralized and decentralized based on how much control the platform has over transactions.

Most popular cryptocurrency sale options

Depending on the type of platform, you can choose from at least two fundraising options. You can start your token sale on a centralized or decentralized crypto exchange platform.


An initial Exchange Offering is a fundraising method where a centralized exchange reviews your application, does a background check, and then starts your offering for investors on the platform. Centralized platforms take complete control and responsibility over the project’s credibility if they decide to accept the project for IEO. Also, they provide you with marketing services which is beneficial for your budget as you won’t have to come up with new strategies and seek better ways to promote your project and its token.


IDOs are nearly the same ‒ the main difference is that the platform to which the launchpad belongs is decentralized. While the exchange takes care of placing your project and advertising it, every transaction for your tokens is peer-to-peer. The platform has no involvement in funds transfer whatsoever, simply providing you with a launchpad and essential marketing services.

IDOs are great for launching and promoting decentralized apps and NFT marketplaces. The platform will also automatically list your token after the sale, which is a considerable benefit of decentralized offerings.

How to launch a project on IDO launchpad?

With both IEO and IDO, accepting a project is a matter of reputation. This is why you have to be prepared before applying for a token sale ‒ have the whitepaper and other roadmaps ready, and have your project’s ecosystem calibrated and tested. As an excellent option to raise awareness about your crypto project, you can turn to angel investors before applying for a token sale ‒ this will help you gain additional credibility and funds for further development.

IEO crypto launchpad

Let’s see how it all works on the example of the P2B exchange launchpad. 

First, you have to send an application. It will be reviewed shortly, and you will be invited to a meeting where you will get the chance to tell more about the project. If it complies with all the platform’s rules, the promotion campaign starts, followed by the whitelisting process. The next stage is IDO itself, where platform users will be able to invest in your token. The promo campaign will then extend to a wider audience. After the IDO is closed, the platform will list your token and provide you with vital services like market-making and marketing.

As you can see, it’s a path that involves the exchange community mostly. That is why it’s important to choose a platform that already has a good variety of successfully launched tokens and a big audience.

You can also opt for the IEO crypto launchpad. This way, the platform’s team will take care of KYC and smart contract review. This is a more internal audience-centered method, yet it’s very effective in raising money for further project development.

But how do you know which fundraising method is better for you?

IDOs are the most suitable for NFT, play-to-earn projects, and decentralized apps. 

IEOs, on the other hand, is a better option for launching projects where decentralization is not a crucial factor. To apply for IEO, you must register an exchange account and confirm your identity first. IDOs can be applied for without any registration.


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