Did Aly and AJ Remake Potential Breakup Song?

Did Aly and AJ Remake Potential Breakup Song?

BRB, playing this on repeat. 2020 took a lot from us, but in its final days, it did give us one incredible gift: An updated version of Aly & AJ’s classic 2007 bop, “Potential Breakup Song.”

Why did Aly and AJ Re Release Potential Breakup Song?

The inspiration for Aly & AJ’s re-release of “Potential Breakup Song” is not lost on the sisters. “Obviously, TikTok brought this song back from the dead,” Aly admitted. “We really have TikTok to thank, and a bunch of moms.” She of course is referencing the viral videos of TikTok moms lip-syncing to the iconic song.

Who owns Potential Breakup Song?

Aly & AJ
2021 may be a few days away, but Aly & AJ just brought back the 2000s. The sister duo released a new version of their 2007 hit track “Potential Breakup Song” on Tuesday, spicing it up with new explicit lyrics.

How old were Aly and AJ when they made Potential Breakup Song?

In late December, they dropped a reimagined explicit version. The resurgence was timely, given that Aly, now 32, and AJ, 30, would just months later put out their first studio album since 2007′s “Insomniatic” (which houses “Potential Breakup Song” and followed their successful 2005 debut, “Into the Rush”).

Is Potential Breakup Song Disney?

The single was released on Radio Disney on May 12, 2007, containing the edited lyrics rather than the official version of the single. The song was made available for sale on the US iTunes Store on June 26, 2007, along with a pre-order offer for their second studio album, Insomniatic.

Is Potential Breakup Song a Disney song?

“Potential Breakup Song” (known as “Potential Break Up Song” in Europe) is an electro-pop song written by American teen pop duo Aly & AJ, and is the first single from their second studio album, Insomniatic….Potential Breakup Song.

“Potential Breakup Song”
Genre Electro-pop, dance-pop, pop rock, ska
Length 3:39
Record label Hollywood Records

Why is potential breakup song popular again?

While “Potential Breakup Song” was popular when it was first released in 2007, the song rose to popularity again thanks to the video-sharing app TikTok. Aly & AJ released the explicit version of the song on Dec. 29, 2020.

How old is Aly Michalka?

32 years (March 25, 1989)
Aly Michalka/Age

Are Aly and AJ still singing?

Aly and AJ are now in their early 30s, and they’ve returned with what just may be the soundtrack of the summer – a new album with a title long enough to make up for such a long absence. AJ MICHALKA: It was 2020. ALY AND AJ: (Singing) A touch of the beat gets you up on your feet, gets you out and then into the sun.

Is Aly or AJ older?

ALY MICHALKA: So I’m Aly, the older sister. AJ MICHALKA: I’m AJ. And together, we’re Aly & AJ.

Do Aly and AJ write their own music?

Aly: It’s been a major learning experience. We were definitely involved in the musical processes at a young age because we were writing our own songs, but we were still just 14 and 16, so we only knew so much.

Is Potential Breakup Song in a movie?

It was released on November 28, 2007. The song was used in the Japanese horror film X-Cross, in which Suzuki had a lead role, alongside the original Aly & AJ version.

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