Did Itachi use Kotoamatsukami on Sasuke?

Did Itachi use Kotoamatsukami on Sasuke?

Itachi had planted Shishui’s mangekyo sharingan into the crow’s eye and planted it inside Naruto so that it casts kotoamatsukami on Sasuke if Sasuke ever tries to attack Konoha and have to face Naruto . But it affected Itachi himself when he was fighting Naruto in his edo tensei mode during the shinobi war .

What episode does Itachi put Sasuke in a genjutsu?

“Moonlit Night” (月夜, Tsukiyo) is episode 455 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What is Itachi’s strongest genjutsu called?

One of the most powerful genjutsu in existence, Tsukuyomi is frequently used by Itachi Uchiha to trap and torture his victims in an illusory world. In this world, Itachi can control the victim’s perception of time— making seconds feel like years.

What is Sasuke’s genjutsu called?

Sasuke has never once called his genjutsu, Tsukuyomi. Only twice had Sasuke “named” it where he called it “Sharingan” and “Genjutsu – Sharingan” respectively (just like Madara). When he called it “Genjutsu – Sharingan”, the difference is also made explicit by showing it side-by-side with Itachi’s Tsukuyomi.

Did Itachi put himself under genjutsu?

Yes he is. And nobody else can presumably use it. Perhaps the reason why Sasuke couldn’t use it was because Itachi was getting blind from overusing his eyes throughout his life.

Why is Shisui eye so important?

Shisui’s eyes were important because they had the power to cast a strong (but not infallible) genjutsu. They got to the point where some lauded the power too much, but either way, they became much sought after and a key technique in the War. The genjutsu is called Kotoamatsukami.

Why did Itachi put a genjutsu on Sasuke?

Itachi wanted to die at the hands of Sasuke and kept himself alive just so he could die at Sasuke’s hands. Itachi used the Tsukuyomi on Sasuke to bolster Sasuke’s hatred and desire to kill him.

How many times did Itachi put Sasuke in genjutsu?

Well to put it simply, Itachi used Tsukuyomi to make Sasuke experience the Uchiha Massacre 518,400 times.

What genjutsu did Itachi use on Sasuke?

He put Sasuke into a Tsukuyomi(One of the strongest types of Genjutsus). In doing that, he purposely let Sasuke out of it, making Sasuke think that he had broken the Tsukuyomi himself. This got me surprised too! Itachi Uchiha out of all people to be hit by that level of an ignorant move.

Is Sasuke genjutsu stronger than Itachi?

Unless Sasuke finds a way to deal with these weapons, he can’t win. Genjutsu, Itachi is better but not to the point where Sasuke can’t do a thing. Ninjutsu, Sasuke has higher chakra levels and his Amaterasu surpasses Itachi’s. Taijutsu, pretty much tied.

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