Did Jennifer Lopez perform at the American Music Awards?

Did Jennifer Lopez perform at the American Music Awards?

Jennifer Lopez Brings the Vocals to the 2021 American Music Awards with Performance of ‘On My Way’ The singer and actress just took the stage to perform piano-backed ballad “On My Way,” which is set to appear in her film Marry Me, starring Lopez, alongside Maluma, Owen Wilson and Sarah Silverman.

Who did JLO perform with on AMA?

Jennifer Lopez is set to star alongside Maluma and Owen Wilson in the upcoming 2022 romantic comedy Marry Me, and to give fans a tease of the film’s soundtrack, the superstar took the stage at the American Music Awards to perform the movie’s first promotional single “On My Way.”

Who performed at the 2015 AMAS?


Artist(s) Song(s)
Demi Lovato “Confident”
Meghan Trainor Charlie Puth “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” “Marvin Gaye”
Ariana Grande “Focus”

What is JLOS most famous song?

The 15 Best Jennifer Lopez Songs to Listen to Before the Super…

  • 1 “If You Had My Love” JenniferLopezVEVO.
  • 2 “Waiting for Tonight” JenniferLopezVEVO.
  • 3 “Let’s Get Loud” JenniferLopezVEVO.
  • 4 “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”
  • 5 “I’m Real” ft.
  • 6 “Ain’t It Funny” ft.
  • 7 “I’m Gonna Be Alright”
  • 8 “Jenny from the Block”

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck still friends?

June 2021: The pair are “hopeful” their relationship will work this time around. According to Entertainment Tonight, Lopez and Affleck are feeling positive about their choice to romantically reunite. “J. Lo and Ben are very much a couple and have been telling friends that they’re together,” a source told the outlet.

What is JLO new movie?

Marry Me2022
Shotgun Wedding2022
Jennifer Lopez/Upcoming movies

With Marry Me, her forthcoming romantic comedy directed by Kat Coiro and costarring Owen Wilson, Lopez has made just that.

How many #1 songs does JLO have?

The album was certified four-times platinum in the United States and yielded four hit singles, including “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and “I’m Real”, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100….

Jennifer Lopez discography
Singles 65
Soundtrack albums 1
Remix albums 1
Charity singles 5

Who wrote Jennifer Lopez songs?

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by
Ain’t It Funny Jennifer Lopez, Cory Rooney Jennifer Lopez
Alive Jennifer Lopez, Cory Rooney, Cris Judd J.Lo
All I Have LL Cool J, Jennifer Lopez, Ronald Robert Bowser, Dave McPherson, Curtis Aaron Richardson, Makeba Riddick Jennifer Lopez & LL Cool J

Is Jennifer Lopez Mexican?

Jennifer Lopez was born in 1969 into a family of Puerto Rican descent. Lopez took dance lessons throughout her childhood, and at age 16 she made her film debut with a small role in My Little Girl (1986).

How tall is JLo?

5′ 5″
Jennifer Lopez/Height

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