Do dentists recommend interdental brushes?

Do dentists recommend interdental brushes?

In response, the British Society of Periodontology said: ‘Evidence supports the use of small interdental brushes for cleaning between the teeth where there is space to do so, in preference to flossing… Floss is not a waste of time – it is a viable alternative to interdental brushing where appropriate.

Is it better to floss or use interdental brushes?

If the interdental spaces are large enough, then it’s best to use an interdental brush. If space is too tight, then use floss. You may need a selection of differently sized brushes and floss, depending on your mouth – everyone is different!

Which interdental brush is best?

Best Sellers in Interdental Brushes

  1. #1. GUM – 877A Proxabrush Go-Betweens Interdental Brushes, Micro-Tight, Plaque…
  2. #2. GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Interdental Brush Refills, Moderate, Plaque Removal, 8…
  3. #3. GUM Proxabrush Go-Betweens Cleaners, Ultra Tight, 10 Count.
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  7. #7.
  8. #8.

How do I know what size interdental brush to get?

How to Choose an Interdental Brush. Choose the brush size (SSS, SS, S, M, etc.) according to the size of the gaps between your teeth. If you choose an interdental brush that does not fit between your teeth, do not try to force it in, but try a smaller size.

Why do gums bleed when using interdental brushes?

When you first start using interdental brushes, your gums may bleed, they may also be tender as you start to remove any plaque build-up. Bleeding is a sign that the gums are not healthy, but this is completely normal if you have not cleaned in between your teeth in this way before.

Are interdental brushes bad for gums?

When you first start using interdental brushes, your gums may be tender and bleed a little as you start to get rid of any plaque build-up. Carry on using the brushes, and the bleeding should reduce as your gums become healthier. If you’re still getting bleeding after a few days, get advice from your dentist.

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