Do Mattie and Jenna end up together?

Do Mattie and Jenna end up together?

The mid-season ends when Matty confesses his love to Jenna at the Senior prom and they get back together.

Do Matty and Jenna Break Up Season 3?

In the end, Jenna and Matty finally meet up. While Matty is willing to eventually forgive Jenna and go back to the way they were, Jenna breaks up with him, thinking that they both probably deserve better.

Who does Jenna end up with at the end of awkward?

In the second season, Jenna tells Jake she isn’t a virgin leading Jake to become somewhat jealous. After Jake breaks up with her, she admits that she is still in love with Matty. Jenna and Matty officially get back together in the season 2 finale but she wonders if she made the right decision.

Does Jenna cheat on Matty?

In season 3, episode 10, Collin and Jenna developed a relationship ( kissing ) that made Jenna cheat on her boyfriend at the time, Matty. In episode 11, on Jenna’s birthday, Jenna tried to stop the relationship the first but they ended up kissing again and Tamara sees.

What did Matty find in the box awkward?

Perfect Matty (swoon) comes to her rescue and sits her down on his couch while he looks a first aid kit. While rummaging around in his garage, he finds a piece of paper, which we later find out is some sort of documentation of his adoption.

Do Matty and Jenna get back together in Season 4?

What happened between Matty and Jenna Season 5?

Instead of putting up a fight, Jenna conceded and took Matty home, but her resentment began to spike. After sleeping off the small tirade, Matty apologized for his behavior and explained that he was projecting disappointment from being benched on Berkeley’s soccer team.

Does Jenna end up with Jake?

In the Season One finale, Jake and Jenna become a couple at the Winter Formal, but he breaks up with Jenna cause he finds out Matty and Jenna had a relationship (so he thinks). He is currently dating Jenna’s best friend Tamara .

How did MTV awkward end?

Awkward executive producer Mike Chessler said the MTV show’s season 5 finale would be “very satisfying,” and he wasn’t kidding: The hour-long episode featured Sadie (Molly Tarlov) finally getting told off, Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) finally taking hold of her financial woes, and Matty (Beau Mirchoff) finally — finally …

Do Jake and Tamara end up together?

Jake and Tamara are now a couple. Their relationship is very steady as Jenna’s love interests in a Season 3 are Matty and Collin. They are exploring sex together. Jake breaks up with Tamara in The Campaign Fail.

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