Do redfish hit topwater?

Do redfish hit topwater?

So, yes, fishing for redfish with topwaters is a reality. A motivated redfish can deliver one of the most exhilarating topwater attacks you’ll ever see. By comparison, speckled trout, snook and any fish with a forward-facing mouth can attack from directly below a topwater bait and blow a hole in the water.

What is the best artificial bait for redfish?

10 Best Redfish Baits & Lures Right Now

  • 1) Shrimp.
  • 2) Crab.
  • 3) Weedless Spoon.
  • 4) Skimmer Jig.
  • 5) Soft-Plastic Jig.
  • 6) Soft Plastic Swimbait.
  • 7) Soft Plastic Jerkbait.
  • 8) Plastic Shrimp.

When should you use top water lures?

Here are the prime conditions and circumstances in which you might try fishing with topwater lures:

  1. Early Morning. Early morning, when the light is low, is a traditional time to fish a topwater lure.
  2. Late Afternoon/Dusk.
  3. At Night.
  4. On Cloudy Days.
  5. When Shad Spawn.
  6. During the Mayfly Hatch.
  7. When Bass Are Schooling.

Are spoons good for redfish?

When it comes to choosing lures to target redfish, you have a ton of options out there. But one of the most effective, simple, and time-tested redfish lures is the weedless spoon. The most effective way to retrieve spoons. When to use these lures (and when NOT to use them)

How do you jig a redfish?

He favors 1/16-ounce jig heads with 2- to 3-inch soft-plastic grubs for lethargic redfish. That’s the best style of jig head for redfish in this scenario. He likes to cast, allow the lure to hit bottom and then, with short, slow rod twitches, impart subtle action to create soft bottom “puffs” behind the lure.

Is topwater good in spring?

Early spring is a great time to cast topwater lures for big bass. These fish will strike surface baits well before most anglers realize they will.

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