Do you get an equation sheet in physics GCSE?

Do you get an equation sheet in physics GCSE?

9. Students will be given a revised equation sheet for GCSE physics and combined science in summer 2022, covering all the equations required in the subject content. Exam boards will provide copies of the equation sheet for use in teaching and to ensure that students are familiar with it prior to the exams.

What equations are given in physics?

Equation in words Symbolic representation Year
density = mass volume r = m/V Y7
force = mass x acceleration F = ma Y9
work done = force x distance moved in the direction of that force W = Fs Y9
momentum = mass x velocity p = mv Y12

What equations are given in GCSE physics?


  • average speed = distance / time v = d / t.
  • acceleration = change in velocity / time taken for change a = v – u / t.
  • Force = mass X acceleration F = ma.
  • Weight = mass X gravitational field strength W = mg.
  • momentum = mass X velocity p = mv.

What topics are in paper 1 Physics?

In the first paper, you’ll be asked questions on subjects 1-4, i.e. energy; electricity; particle model of matter and atomic structure….Introduction

  • Energy.
  • Electricity.
  • Particle model of matter.
  • Atomic structure.
  • Forces.
  • Waves.
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism.
  • Space physics.

What equations do I need to know for GCSE physics paper 2?

Terms in this set (12)

  • Resultant force. Mass x acceleration.
  • Acceleration (2) = (Final velocity – initial velocity) / time taken.
  • Weight = Mass x gravitational field strength.
  • Force = Spring constant x extension.
  • Work done = Force applied x distance moved in the direction of the force.
  • Pressure =
  • Momentum =
  • Wave speed =

How many equations are there in physics?

All of Physics (Almost) in 15 Equations.

How many equations are there in physics GCSE?

If you take a look at the physics equation sheet on My GCSE Science, you’ll see that for the new 9-1 GCSE there are over twenty equations which you’ll have to remember by the end of Year 11!

How can I memorize physics fast?

How to Study Physics: 14 Techniques to Improve Your Memory

  1. Master the Basics.
  2. Learn How to Basic Equations Came About.
  3. Always Account For Small Details.
  4. Work on Improving Your Math Skills.
  5. Simplify the Situations.
  6. Use Drawings.
  7. Always Double-Check Your Answers.
  8. Use Every Source of Physics Help Available.

What are Physics Paper 1 units?

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