Do you have to kill Zathrian?

Do you have to kill Zathrian?

If one kills Zathrian using cone of cold spells etc. then you may not be able to side with the werewolves or Zathrian at the end, meaning you must kill him during later dialogue in the quest. This means Lanaya will become the Keeper. (Xbox confirmed).

How do you convince Zathrian to end the curse?

Start off by talking to the Gatekeeper (M46, 4) and agree to have a meeting with Lady of the Forest (M46, 5). During this conversation you’ll have to convince the leader of the beasts that she should invite Zathrian for a peace meeting and to ask him to lift the curse.

Where do I find the Dalish elves?

For the member of Bull’s Chargers, see Dalish (character). The Dalish are nomadic elves that seek to recover, inherit and preserve the knowledge and sacred treasures of the two fallen elven kingdoms, the Dales and Elvhenan. They lead nomadic lives, wandering throughout Thedas.

How do you get Cammen and Gheyna together?

The Warden can either bring them together by persuading Gheyna or providing a pelt for Cammen. Or alternatively seduce Cammen themselves (if the Warden is female) and inform Gheyna ensuring that the pair never get together.

Can you save Danyla?

If you don’t talk to Danyla and lift the curse on the werewolves while the quest is in progress, Danyla will disappear. The quest item, scarf, is given at the end of conversation, meaning the warden can retrieve the scarf without killing Danyla.

Do you have to kill Swiftrunner?

Swiftrunner is first encountered on the small island with three bridges in the West Brecilian Forest. It is possible to avoid a fight on this occasion with a high enough persuasion skill, though if you choose to fight it will end once any of the werewolves take 50% damage.

Who is Witherfang?

Witherfang is a great wolf and the head of a pack of werewolves that have been fighting Zathrian’s clan of Dalish elves during the events of the Fifth Blight.

Do city elves believe in the maker?

Following the Exalted March upon the Dales, Divine Renata I outlawed belief in the Elven pantheon and decreed that a place must be made for elves in human settlements on the condition that they renounce their pagan beliefs. Consequently, belief in the Maker is one of the few things that city elves and humans share.

Where are the Dalish clans?

Oh goodness yes; there are Dalish clans everywhere in Thedas. Known clan locations: Clan Sabrae is on Sundermount in the Free Marches, and before this was in the Brecilian Forest of Ferelden, and before that was in the Frostback Mountains in Ferelden. Clan Alerion (Merrill’s birth clan) is in Nevarra.

Where can I find Deygan?

Wounded in the Forest is a side quest found in the West Brecilian Forest. Deygan, an elven hunter, is found wounded in the forest.

Can you save Athras wife?

His wife, Danyla, can be found in the East Brecilian Forest, at the location given on our map above. There, you’ll find Danyla in Werewolf form; Athras’ instincts were indeed correct, for his wife has been bitten and already has begun to turn. As a result, Danyla can never be turned back to her human form again.

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