Does Felicita like Liberta?

Does Felicita like Liberta?

Relationships. Felicita – Libertà is good friends with Felicita and has known her for a short while. From the beginning of the series, it is clear he is infatuated and in love with her, even going as far as challenging Papa when she was going to be forced to marry the winner of the Arcana Duello.

Who end up with Felicita?

Felicità (フェリチータ, Ferichīta) is the main heroine of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. She is the Head of Swords, the daughter of Mondo and Sumire, and she is now the current head “Donna” of their family and married to Luca (Felicità’s attendant and now husband).

What anime is Kazuya from?

Kazuya Aoi, as he appears in the anime. Kazuya Aoi (b. April 3, 2050) is the main protagonist of the Freezing series. He is the younger brother of the late Pandora, Kazuha Aoi and grandson of renowned scientist, Gengo Aoi.

Did Luca and Felicita end up together?

Who won Arcana Duello?

Thus Felicità fights her father and wins the duello. She wishes for her father to continue as the Papa of the Arcana Famiglia. Bears a contract with #0 of the Arcana – The Fool, also the member of Intelligence.

Is Libertà in love with Felicita?

Libertà (リベルタ, Riberuta) is a member of the Intelligence Division, and a main character of La storia della Arcana Famiglia. He is one of Felicità ‘s love interests.

How would you describe liberlibertà?

Libertà is a young adult of average height and weight. His attire consists of a black suit with a red tie and a white shirt with a high collar, along with black pants and a navy-colored belt. He has blond hair, turquoise eyes, and peach-colored skin. His stigmata is located on his forehead, hidden by his hair.

What is the relationship between Dante and Libertà?

Dante is the closest thing he has to family before he joins Arcana Famiglia. When Libertà slowly starts to recover his memory he remembers a masked man who came and saved him from the orphanage. This man is revealed to be Dante who later adopted Libertà and took him with him.

How does Libertà’s Arcana activate?

Libertà’s Arcana activates after seeing Dante in danger. Soon, Libertà was taken to Dante’s ship. He was shy and fearful at first, but he slowly became more open to the ship’s crew and more cheerful. However, because of the abuse he had to endure before, Libertà occasionally lost control of his Arcana, wreaking havoc each time.

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