Does Nepeta have a crush on karkat?

Does Nepeta have a crush on karkat?

Nepeta’s feelings for Karkat parallel those of her ancestor The Disciple, a troll who had a relationship with The Signless, Karkat’s ancestor. In , a version of her is seen with a god tier Karkat, and it seems she has finally found happiness with (a version of) Karkat.

Why do you like Nepeta?

She knows how to take care of herself and has little trouble with the game. But she also knows how to take care of others. Nepeta is very empathetic, fixated on the emotions and desires of her friends, which she always puts above her own.

Does Gamzee like tavros?

These feelings may be more reflective of the aforementioned flushed crush he had on Tavros, especially considering that he cut his head off, seemingly to carry it around and kiss it. Like many other things about Gamzee, though, his true feelings are ultimately unknown.

Does Nepeta have autism?

Nepeta carries many traits which are both stereotypically and genuinely linked to autism, such as doodling a cat avatar next to her Pesterchum messages [citation needed], biting her hat in frustration (stimming), living in social isolation, adoring cats altogether [citation needed], having a “special interest” in her …

Does Nepeta have a tail?

Equius accidentally broke nepeta’s spine and replaced it with a mechanical version then attached a tail to the end of …

Why did Equius smile when died?

When Equius died, he was smiling because he still believed Nepeta Homestuck, Fandomstuck, Headcanon.

Who killed Equius?

Eventually we see her witness something shocking, later revealed to be Gamzee murdering Equius.

Who killed Aradia?

After summoning ghost on Vriska Serket for blinding Terezi Pyrope, Vriska got revenge by summoning a mindless Sollux Captor to kill her, which is why Aradia is a ghost when introduced. After having her soul be built into a robot by Equius Zahhak, she managed to get revenge on Vriska by beating her to death.

What team was Nepeta on?

Initial Teams

Blue Team Chain Position
Nepeta Leijon / “arsenicCatnip” 3rd
Eridan Ampora / “caligulasAquarium” 4th
Feferi Peixes / “cuttlefishCuller” 5th
Sollux Captor / “twinArmageddons” 6th

Is Gamzee dead?

Gamzee – Killed during the events of Caliborn’s Masterpiece, seemingly sliced in half. Half of corpse is absorbed into Lil Cal, merging souls with Caliborn and Arquius. . Following the events of the retcon, he remains deceased.

Is Gamzee a villain?

Gamzee Makara is one of the main characters and major antagonist in Andrew Hussie’s webcomic, Homestuck. He is a part of a juggalo-esque cult who worships a time-traveling demon, Lord English.

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