Does Northern Ireland have private schools?

Does Northern Ireland have private schools?

There are a small number of independent schools which set their own curriculum and admissions policies and are funded by school fees paid by parents. Rockport School (co-ed) is an independent all-through school. The Royal School Armagh and the Royal School Dungannon (both co-ed) are both voluntary A grammar schools.

What are the top 10 schools in Northern Ireland?

The top 10 secondary schools in Northern Ireland:

  • Lumen Christi College, Derry.
  • Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock.
  • Friends’ School Lisburn.
  • Strathearn School, Belfast.
  • Rathmore Grammar School, Belfast.
  • Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School, Belfast.
  • Rainey Endowed School, Magherafelt.
  • Dalriada School, Ballymoney.

What is the top school in Northern Ireland?

Lumen Christi College was named Northern Ireland Secondary School of the Year, in 2019, whilst Rainey Endowed School, in Magherafelt, claimed the top spot 2016 and was named Northern Ireland’s School of the Decade in 2020.

Is Bangor Grammar a private school?

Welcome. Bangor Grammar School is an all boys’ inter-denominational, voluntary grammar school.

How many private schools are in Northern Ireland?

We have 16 private schools listed in Northern Ireland; you will find them all listed at the bottom of this page, with some basic directory information.

Is Northern Ireland Education better than England?

Northern Ireland’s education system is under the microscope after international studies exposed vast differences in the standards of our primary and post-primary sectors. We are also the highest ranking English-speaking country in primary reading — beating England, Ireland and Canada.

Where does Northern Ireland rank in education?

Ahead of England and Ireland Their global ranking of seventh in the 2019 study is a drop of one ranking place but puts them ahead of pupils in England (eighth) and Ireland (ninth).

What is the best primary school in Northern Ireland?

Primary League Table for Belfast

Rank School Name Compare
1 St Malachy’s Primary School, Belfast View School
2 St Mary’s Primary School; Divis Street, Belfast View School
3 Blythefield Primary School, Belfast View School
4 Scoil an Droichid, Belfast View School

Is Ballymena Academy a private school?

A state school for boys and girls aged from 11 to 18.

Is Bangor Grammar a good school?

Bangor Grammar has won the rugby Ulster Schools Cup on five occasions and has appeared in nine finals. The school is therefore ranked as seventh in terms of overall success in the competition. Bangor Grammar have won the Burney Cup and McCullough Cup and All Ireland schools titles in hockey.

How many high schools are there in Northern Ireland?

There are 1,136 schools in Northern Ireland, including 95 nursery schools, 794 primary schools, 193 secondary schools, 39 special schools and 14 independent schools.

What is unusual about the education system in Northern Ireland?

Education in Northern Ireland differs from systems used elsewhere in the United Kingdom, although it is relatively similar to Wales. A child’s age on 1 July determines the point of entry into the relevant stage of education, unlike England and Wales where it is 1 September.

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