Does Retrospec ship to Australia?

Does Retrospec ship to Australia?

Shipping & Delivery Your new retro fashions ship via Fastway Couriers and Australia Post.

Where is Retrospec bike located?

Retrospec’s stable of bikes are made in China and range from kids’ models to $199.99 beach cruisers to a $459.99 upright gravel/commuter. Khakshouri connected with a China manufacturer “online from my dorm room” to produce his first bike: the Retrospec Alpha fixie.

How much does a Retrospec bike cost?

Retrospec bikes are ideal for casual and leisure riders, joyriders, commuters, and even some fitness riders. However, the best thing about the brand is definitely the price range of the products, as most models cost between $120 and $460, whereas the e-bikes go for $1,200—$1,400.

How much does a Retrospec bike weight?

Specifications. Frame Size: 53 cm. Weight: 25 lbs.

Who owns Retrospec?

Ely Khakshouri
Retrospec Bicycles was born on the campus of USC in 2008. Founder and CEO Ely Khakshouri, then a student at USC, saw how popular fixed gear bicycles were becoming on campus, and realized the process of converting a road bike was both time-consuming and costly.

How long has Retrospec been around?

Since selling our first bike in 2009, Retrospec has helped millions of individuals experience what the outdoors has to offer with expertly designed, durably crafted, accessibly priced gear. We bring you bikes, e-bikes, longboards, paddle boards, and more that will inspire adventure and enable exploration.

How much do fixies weigh?

Even a steel-frame fixie should be well under 20 lbs, easy. My steel road bike with downtube shifters, derailleurs, cassette, brakes, cables, boat anchor seat and seatpost weighs 23 lb.

What is a Retrospec bike?

Retrospec is an urban bike company which deals with the designs of distribution, manufacture, and components. Retrospec bike is fixed gear, folding, single-speed, and 7-speed city bikes. It is thoughtfully designed superior yet affordable products. Here in the following, we have prepared this Retrospec bike review.

Why choose Retrospec company?

Since last decade, Retrospec Company has grown giants and serves customers of all ages. All the products they design and create are tested in California to make sure it is ready for their customers for the next journey.

What is flip-flop hub in Retrospec bike?

In Retrospec Bike, there are many models come with Flip-Flop Hub. The Retrospec Bikes have a special flip flop hub that allows you to drive with a freewheel (variant in which the bike is delivered) or as a fixie. The flip flop hub is so unique because it has two sprockets.

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