Does SuitSupply do custom suits?

Does SuitSupply do custom suits?

Suitsupply Custom Made is the company’s made-to-measure option that lets you pick every last detail on your suit: Not just the fabric and lapels, but the pleats, lining and even the Columbia stitch. Send the suit’s custom code to a Suitsupply store. An in-person first fitting. Suitsupply makes the suit.

Are SuitSupply tuxedos good?

I have had good experiences with SuitSupply in the past, and their classic tuxedo has been in my crosshairs for a good amount of time. Their tuxedo is interesting to me because it is often recommended as the best tux for the price, and yet there is very little information available on it.

What is a Lazio suit?

The Lazio is our more modern take on the classic tailored suit. Finished with lightly padded shoulders, which are considered to be more formal, the distinctly slim-cut jacket provides an undeniably up-to-date aesthetic.

How much does a suit cost at Suitsupply?

The Suitsupply custom program starts at $600, but most suits range between $650 and $700. You can get those suits online, but you have a few more options if you go to the store.

How long does it take to get a suit from Suitsupply?

We aim to deliver all orders within 3 to 4 business days worldwide, but most countries are eligible for next-day and two-day delivery services.

Are Suitsupply shirts worth it?

SuitSupply’s suits give you quality that far surpasses what you pay, making them a fantastic value. Some of their construction rivals suits that are usually priced at two or three times the price of SuitSupply. Some of their shirts are available for $79, and I think that is a much more fair price, and a better value.

Is Suitsupply ethical?

Our suppliers are therefore not allowed to use anything other than substitutes. As a result, Suitsupply is mentioned on the fur-free list of the animal welfare organization PETA.

What is an unconstructed suit?

Essentially, an unconstructed suit is one that is a trimmed down, simplified version. It is lacking parts of the construction that you’d normally expect to see in a suit, such as internal lining throughout, extra padding, a canvas, or fusing along with other elements like roping.

What is a Havana jacket?

An Introduction: The Havana The Havana fit is a jacket with a natural shoulder and a notch lapel. The two button jacket has a tailored fit and features patch pockets, making this an ideal casual…

Does Suitsupply have a “Jort” collection?

When I browsed the Suitsupply website, they also had something called the “Jort” collection, and they touted it to have a completely unstructured suit without any type of canvas. Unfortunately, they didn’t have that at the store, but I’d love to see it in person because that’s highly unusual in an off-the-rack suit.

How much does a Suitsupply custom program cost?

The Suitsupply custom program starts at $600, but most suits range between $650 and $700. You can get those suits online, but you have a few more options if you go to the store.

Does Suitsupply offer pleated pants suits?

Just recently, they apparently also started offering pleated pants suit options in their custom program. Suitsupply suits are not just good for slim, shorter, or regular-height guys but also for taller guys. Even off the rack, they offer suits that fit you with very long sleeves and long torsos, of course, in a typical more modern silhouette.

What is the history of Suitsupply?

History of Suitsupply The company was started in the year 2000 by the then-college student Fokke De Jong who is still the CEO today. The company is also still privately held, and interestingly, they didn’t open their first brick and mortar store until 2007.

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