Does the Barbie Fashionista Closet come with clothes?

Does the Barbie Fashionista Closet come with clothes?

The Barbie Ultimate Closet is not only designed for portability with a carrying handle, but it also comes with clothing and accessories for lots of storytelling opportunity anywhere. Six included hangers help keep fashions fashionable, and lots of shelf space is perfect for the amazing accessories.

What comes with the Barbie closet?

The closet playset comes with five complete outfits, including accessories, for any occasion: two trendy day outfits, an evening look, a pediatrician outfit and a sporty scuba suit with mask and fins. Kids can also use the included sticker sheet to decorate the workspace.

How do you make Barbie closet clothes?

Starts here3:41DIY – How to Make a Doll Wardrobe – Handmade – Fashion – YouTubeYouTube

How do you make Barbie clothes hangers?

Starts here3:00How to Make Real Miniature Clothes Hanger – DIY TutorialYouTube

What are fashionistas Barbie?

With a ton of new looks, the Barbie Fashionistas are the most diverse doll line and offer fashion options for endless styling fun! Just like your friends, these cool dolls – each with a unique style – have a wide variety of hair colours and styles, eye colours, skin tones and face shapes.

How big is Barbie’s closet in the show?

This modern pink closet opens to more than 2 feet wide (60+ cm), has more than 10 storage spaces and features a rotating clothing rack, full-length mirror and desk space. Store and display the more than 30 fashions and accessories using the drawers, shelves and clothing racks.

Does the Barbie Dream House have a closet?

The Barbie Dream Closet opens to reveal a play space more than 2 feet (60 cm) wide with 10+ storage areas, a rotating clothing rack, full-length mirror, customizable desk space and 30+ fashions and accessories! The closet delivers on every kid’s dream to have a rotating clothing rack.

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