Does the New York Times have editorial cartoons?

Does the New York Times have editorial cartoons?

Beginning next month, the Times will cease running daily political cartoons in its international edition, editorial page editor James Bennet said Monday in a statement — a move that brings the overseas newspaper “into line with the domestic paper,” which in recent years had ceased running weekly roundups of syndicated …

What is editorial cartoon in newspaper?

Newspaper editorial cartoons are graphic expressions of their creator’s ideas and opinions. In addition, the editorial cartoon usually, but not always, reflects the publication’s viewpoint. Editorial cartoons are based on current events. Editorial cartoons, like written editorials, have an educational purpose.

Who is the New Yorker cartoonist?

Robert Mankoff. In 1974, Bob Mankoff began creating original cartoons and submitting them to magazines around New York City. In 1977, he sold his first cartoon to The New Yorker, and within three years he became a regular contributor to the magazine.

How do I submit a cartoon to The New Yorker?

Please proceed to “Cartoons are reviewed on a rolling basis. Send up to ten cartoons per submission, but please submit no more than once a month.

Is an editorial cartoon a primary source?

A primary source is any original source – an image, text, newspaper article, political cartoon, map, deed, letter, diary, or artifact; and the list goes on – that comments on, testifies, or bears witness to the time period of its own production. In this respect, primary sources are the raw material of history.

What funny pages mean?

The “funny pages” refers to the section of a newspaper in which comic strips are collected.

Who is the cartoonist for The New Yorker?

Drew Dernavich is a cartoonist. He has been contributing to The New Yorker since 2002 and has published over two hundred and fifty cartoons.

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