Does Vodafone still do Spotify?

Does Vodafone still do Spotify?

In a statement issued to JOE on Wednesday, a Vodafone spokesperson said: “Vodafone continues to offer Spotify Premium as an add-on service, and as part of our student Vodafone X music offer.

How do I call Vodafone Ireland?

Need to contact us?

  1. From Vodafone phones: 1907 for Billpay, Broadband, Landline & TV. 1747 for Pay as you go.
  2. From abroad (Vodafone mobile only): +35312038232 (normal rates)

What networks use Vodafone?

Besides Vodafone themselves, there are currently five other mobile networks using coverage from Vodafone in the UK. They are ASDA Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Talkmobile, Virgin Mobile and VOXI. If you’re using one of these networks, you’ll get the same coverage as customers on Vodafone.

Is Vodafone a British company?

Vodafone, telecommunications company based in the United Kingdom with interests in Europe and the United States. It originated as part of Racal, a British radar and electronics firm founded in 1950. By the early 1990s Vodafone was purchasing other companies and building network partnerships around the world.

Can I get Netflix through Vodafone?

With Charge to Bill, you can enjoy all the entertainment you love, all in one place. Get access to movies, music and TV from discovery+, Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium and Netflix, and we’ll add them onto your Vodafone bill.

How do I get my free Spotify from Vodafone?

Click on the activation link to bring you through to the Vodafone entertainment portal and click ‘Get Spotify Premium’ and accept the terms and conditions. Next you will need to link your Spotify account or, if you haven’t used Spotify previously, create a Spotify account.

What no do you ring for Vodafone?

Call us on 2345 free from your Vodafone mobile.

How do I send credit to another phone Vodafone Ireland?

A donating customer must text “Send”, followed by the recipient’s mobile number and the requested amount, to 50223 in order to make a credit transfer. 7. Vodafone will notify the customer by text message that they have received an IOU Buddy Credit at a charge of €0.15.

Does Vodafone have its own network?

What network does Vodafone use? Vodafone uses its own network to operate.

What is Vodafone used for?

Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in Europe and Africa, led by our purpose to connect for a better future. We develop a range of leading products and services to connect our customers and help build digital societies of the future.

Is Vodafone owned by BT?

Vodafone Limited is a British telecommunications services provider, and a part of Vodafone Group Plc, the world’s second-largest mobile phone company….Vodafone UK.

Type Limited company
Area served United Kingdom
Key people Ahmed Essam (CEO)
Services Telecommunications Internet service provider
Parent Vodafone

Is Vodafone Australian owned?

Vodafone is an Australian telecommunications company.

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