Four Outstanding Films with an Unpredictable Ending Are Better than Any Novelties!

Sometimes it seems that you’ve already watched all the good movies. And new movies turn out to be completely worthless and do not please. Movies with an extraordinary plot are what you need for a good evening and a good mood.

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A single woman, Michelle Leblanc, is attacked by a rapist in a black mask in her own home. After the incident, she doesn’t call the police and does not get hysterical, but continues to live as if nothing had happened. She already has a lot of problems in her life – a loser son got involved with an unsuitable person, a divorce from her husband, and an elderly mother who went all out.

But leaving everything behind, letting go, and forgetting Michelle also does not work, because the pervert constantly reminds himself of himself with provocative messages and watches her. At one point, the blood of her father, a serial killer serving a life sentence, boils in Michelle’s veins. She arms herself and begins to look closely at her surroundings, in an attempt to figure out the scoundrel.

London Boulevard

Mitch is a legend of the criminal world, finally getting out of prison. Old friends dreamed that now he would join their team again, but it was not there – Mitch seriously decided to quit crime. Fortunately, the job of a bodyguard turns up very quickly for him. We need to protect the movie star Charlotte from annoying paparazzi who are so brazen that they climb over the fence at home.

Charlotte turned out to be so tender and vulnerable that all of Mitch’s instincts demanded to protect her. Caring for the girl quickly turned into love and he did not notice how he became vulnerable.

Swiss Army Man

Hank Thompson gets caught in a storm on his boat and is thrown onto a desert island. The heat, lack of food, and loneliness quickly drive the hero to despair. At the moment when he has already begun to think about how to end it all, he notices a guy on the shore, who, judging by the absence of a pulse, everything was already behind him.

At first, Hank didn’t see anything good in this but soon realized that the dead man could be useful to him in a variety of life situations and, who knows, maybe even help him get back to civilization.


The action takes us into space, to the far side of the moon, where astronaut Sam Bell is working out his three-year contract. His task is to monitor the equipment at the station, extract helium–3 gasses from the depths of the mine, and report on its departure to Earth.

Sam is completely alone here, except for the robot Gertie with his uncomplicated jokes and rare video contact with loved ones. Of course, he dreams of returning home as soon as possible. But when there are only two weeks left before the departure, Sam gets injured and the management is in a hurry to send him a replacement. That’s where the oddities begin, from which poor Sam’s head is spinning…

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