Four Ways to Improve IT Service Delivery and Support

Four Ways to Improve IT Service Delivery and Support

It is vital for any company in IT services to provide IT services and support that meets consumer demand. To be an ideal IT services provider, it is crucial to look after various aspects such as the company’s action, planning, developing, delivering, and supporting the lifecycle of the IT services offered to customers. Here comes the role of ITSM or Information Technology Service Management.

According to information technology infrastructure library or ITIL, the ITSM is focused on improving the core service processes and incidents, service levels, problems, and requests. A lot of effort goes into bringing satisfactory results. Still, there is also the scope of improvement. There are four ways by which every IT services providers can improve the end results.

1. Process Automation: Automation implies using technology for reaching a result. Companies can utilize tools, software, and applications to complete certain tasks, such as identifying regular customers.

2. Using Chatbots: Chatbots are used to communicate with the end-user by text messages or audio. The program works automatically and doesn’t require human interference. IT companies can make use of it for logging in to any inquiry and addressing it in a timely fashion. The benefit of deploying chatbots is that they are available 24X7. Humans can get tired and may want to take a nap. The chatbot would work actively, registering complaints or answering queries.

3. Shift Left: Shift left is a practice in which IT companies test the software or program before sending it to the customer. It is a surer way of improving IT services and support as any software or program issue is resolved timely. However, many companies find it one of the most expensive ITSM techniques for the software or program to send to seniors or experts for testing, which costs more.

4. Adopt Self Help Service: It is a strategy, not really recommended, that leaves the end-user to solve the problem by himself. If a customer can solve the problem, it is a win-win situation for both the company and the user. However, it does lead to poor customer satisfaction.

Identifying ITSM Practices

The ITSM practices work best when implemented according to the situation. For instance, self-help service is not helpful in cases where the problem is within the software. A grumpy customer could narrate his experience to his friends and near ones that may lead to major loss to the company.

Therefore, it is vital to identify the type of ITSM technique before implementing them. ITSM helps companies stay focused and in the good books of the customers.

Benefits of ITSM

  • ITSM seamlessly improves IT service quality while reducing cost.
  • It helps improve the communication and productivity of the company.
  • The companies can measure workload and delegate work to employees accordingly. The companies are also in a better position to evaluate the efficiency of each employee.
  • Through ITSM, a detailed analysis of the company’s IT infrastructure and software can be created.
  • By improving IT service and delivery, companies can handle a large number of service requests and incidents.
  • It helps estimate labor costs and identifies bottlenecks in the infrastructure.
  • It makes it easier to manage users and their respective requests.


Improving the IT service delivery and support can help a business stay profitable while ensuring complete customer satisfaction. It is in the best interest of businesses to figure out any faulty process and restructured it in a timely fashion. Any delay in this could add to expenses and put the reputation of an organization at stake.

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