Habits of Poker Players – Tips For Using Crypto

A lot of us remember the poker boom back in the early 2000s, but poker has seen another boom in recent years as more and more players embrace new technology and turn to crypto poker for its convenience and security.

Anyone who gets to a level of success playing poker will know that habits are an important part of it, and developing the right habits can be the difference between coming out on top, or not.

Choosing the Right Casino

Before anyone works on poker habits and skills they must choose the correct casino to play cryptocurrency poker, and it isn’t always easy to make that decision.


Crypto is now one of the main methods for transferring money to their accounts and playing poker online. With a lot of sites competing for customers, there are plenty of promotions that people can sign up for when they first open an account. Even more importantly, customers need to choose a casino that has a good choice of poker games and tables, plus offers security for their customers. Using cryptocurrency and being able to play Bitcoin and Litecoin poker at a secure casino gives peace of mind and anonymity to users thanks to blockchain technology, a decentralized system that doesn’t rely on banks. When choosing Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos customers should consider things like tournaments that they offer, and how easy it is to find and join an appropriate tournament or cash game that suits their needs.


Users should also check which currencies the site accepts before they choose to sign up. The top casinos will always be transparent about how things work, including depositing and withdrawing in cryptocurrencies.


A lot of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos may offer other games besides poker, too. So, plenty of users who sign up like to check out what other games are on offer. Plus, let’s not forget that there are many different variations of poker including Omaha Hi, Five-Card Draw, and Texas Hold ‘Em. Players value the chance to play their preferred form of poker.


Getting started is usually straightforward. Users can create a wallet on a site such as blockchain.com and use traditional currencies to transfer money into this account. This can then be added to the wallet within the game in a matter of minutes as famously, crypto is a very fast way to move money around, which is one of the main upsides of blockchain technology.

Habits of Effective Players

Let’s dive into the habits of the effective players of cryptocurrency poker.

They Understand the Crypto Market

As well as understanding poker, and the way the game works, it helps if you understand cryptocurrency itself and the market.


This means that you will have a better knowledge of how to transfer money around, but also things like crypto fees. Bitcoin fees fluctuate, for instance, so it helps to understand and account for these fees. Plus, like any other asset, it makes sense to buy at a lower price if you can. While Bitcoin has generally been on an upward trajectory since it launched in 2010 at around 10 cents per Bitcoin, it still has peaks and troughs.


Predicting what is going to happen in the market can also tell players when to hold onto their balance and when to withdraw. A lot of people who play crypto poker also spend time checking out expert tips on crypto.

They Use a Consistent Strategy

Mark Pilarski, one of the best-known figures in the casino industry once said: “The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be.”


“Smart” in this context is all about playing with a strategy. A lot of players take it one hand at a time and don’t have a plan, which can lead to getting led astray or making poor decisions at the crucial moment.


Poker players get in the habit of consistency, working out what works for them and sticking to it. This may mean defending their big blind, bluffing aggressively, or folding every time on certain weaker hands. There are different ways to approach it, but scattergun is rarely effective.

They Are Students of Poker, Too

Watching and studying Poker can be a crucial habit for poker players to get into. According to millionaire poker player Dan Negreanu in his poker Masterclass, players should study the game for around 20% of their allocated time, as well as play the game for around 80% of their time.

They Play in a Good Frame of Mind

People make better decisions when in a rested and healthy frame of mind. One of Negreanu’s other tips is to take health and fitness seriously. This means playing tournaments and games after getting plenty of rest, and with a clear mind to make good decisions and pay close attention to other players.


Developing the right habits is key to getting successful in pretty much any area, and for crypto poker players, habit stacking is a way to get into a good frame of mind and develop skills in any game, and poker is no exception. Many of the top players attribute their success to getting into the right habits and patterns.

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