How can I get proofread transcripts?

How can I get proofread transcripts?

One way to proofread is by printing out an entire transcript and reading the hard copy. Mark the corrections clearly with a pen, then scan in the pages on which you’ve made corrections to your computer. Then, email that file back to the reporter or agency.

Does RNA polymerase have proofreading activity during transcription?

All nucleic acid polymerases insert incorrect nucleotides during chain elongation. This high rate of mutation comes from the lack of proofreading ability in RNA polymerases. These enzymes make mistakes, but they can’t correct them. Therefore the mutations remain in the newly synthesized RNA.

Which enzyme proofreads the replicated DNA?

DNA polymerase

Which protein is most important for DNA checkpoint?

Two groups of proteins, called cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks), are responsible for the progress of the cell through the various checkpoints.

What triggers the DNA damage checkpoints?

A DNA damage checkpoint is a pause in the cell cycle that is induced in response to DNA damage to ensure that the damage is repaired before cell division resumes. Proteins that accumulate at the damage site typically activate the checkpoint and halt cell growth at the G1/S or G2/M boundaries.

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